Soul mates


You came to me on wings of fire;

Bringing with you so much desire.

Making a boy with no sight:

See with eyes of a man’s own reality.

I see nothing more than images and wishes upon the face;

Looking back at me with nothing more to say.

An emptiness overwhelms me and makes me so sad;

Not having you here by my side.

I think of days and nights we could have spend together:

Two lives now one with more to come.

I wish I can make this an everlasting feeling;

Girl my boo; my heart your healing.

You have taken the ruggedness of one so lost;

And changed his everything including his soul.

I may not see you, feel you, or hear you;

But I know you’re in my heart and on my mind.

Thank you for reaching me;

Thank you for touching me;

Thank you for caring for me.

All I am is because you have chosen to be here with me;

And allowed me to be there with you.

You have done this with sweet words surrender and eyes so deep of truth.

Thank You!

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Ghetto Dreaming'

With days on end I wonder why the time we spend has been so blissful?  

Gathering dust on the mantle ma heart has been, never thinking it would be safe again!  

But now I see and just ignore all the rumors and stories about ma life.

I have been there on many occasions to welcome the warmth.

Only to find the most blistering of times awaiting me.

I sit here now just thinking if what I feel and see is for real or just a dream

Not knowing if I will awaken from a horrible sleep.  

For now I have seen the light and have been shot down again.  

So I take it to the hole and explain to myself,

It’s all about how ya do things and make them come true.  

I wont gather any more dreams and wait for days to end,

Ill leave ma chambers and wander around looking for the best.  

The same one I saw when I slept, the one who awakened me with one sweet kiss.  

Taking me into her arms and feeling her strong desire

Starting the wind a-blazing and heating up the fire.  

The more I search and the more I want the further she gets

I wander where the streets that have no lights.

Where the shots are heard all through the night and into the ends of time.  

I forget who I am and where I’m from, not seeing the darkness or the flash from the gun.  

I been shot in ma heart my soul has just been taken;

You have control and there’s no mistaken.  

You found me I never saw you, you were there and I never knew you.

I am awake and I see your face, it’s not a dream of something so beautiful.

It’s you, my heart, my soul, and my life.  

Every breath I now take belongs to you; I wander the streets no more and fear nothing.  

For the dreaming is over and my life is just beginning.  

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They are a pair

Together for life

Sharing, connecting

Nothing can come between them

They have bonded

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Old poems, 2003

I thought you were different

something special, perfect.

But its funny how you never

notice whats right infront of you.

trying to forget

change for the better

I know i never really ...

thought about them but.....

...come to think of it

why try for something out of reach

when what you always wished for

was right infront of you.!

You try so hard and get nowhere

yet if you just wait and see

you'll be surprised maybe even

breathless as to how perfect

you really are for each other.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope that soon i will get better at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for ppls sake.

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You are more than a friend to me

The bond we share makes us family.

You will always have a place in my heart

And nothing will ever tear us apart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A close friendship can forge bonds stronger than the bonds found in a blood relationship. A friendship like this can weather any storm. It is rare to find this kind of friendship, but it is a wonderful thing.
Written August 15, 2002

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The Big "O"

Acrostic Poetry

O ur love shall last through thick and thin

R aging with fire that burns from within

G uided by our hearts our souls intertwine

A ccompanied by our bodies and mind

S in has no place in what we have

M ake love to me now and feel my wrath

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they, met

but only


a whiff,

a scent

he, inhaled


she, settled

but briefly

they, unknown

to each other

she, left

he, remembers

but found her

no longer.

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Weak Word


Love is such a weak word

to describe the feelings I feel for you.

It doesn't explain the way my heart

does a nose dive into my chest

when I find out I can't spend time with you.

It doesn't explain the intense energy that pours

out of my body

the moment I hear your voice.

It doesn't explain the fact

that I want to share

every intimate detail of my life with you.

And that I want you to share

every intimate detail of your life with me.

It doesn't explain the yearning in my soul

to be with you,

to never be without you.

It doesn't explain the incredible attraction,

the deep desires,

the strong connection.

So I tell you I love you.

But know when you hear it

that it doesn't even come close

to describing the feelings

I have for you.

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My Soulmate


You're my soulmate

and my whole body yearns to be with you all day.

You are so great.

And when I'm with you my whole world seems okay.

I'll always be faithful and treat you so right,

that's my vow.

And I wish I could kiss you right now.

You're my soulmate.

A part of me. Without you I'm so incomplete.

It must be fate.

Because I know that this love could never be beat.

When I'm holding you close to me

I feel that I'm at my Tao.

And I wish I could kiss you right now.

You're my soulmate.

You're awesome. I love everything about you.

And I can't wait

to see you and prove that my love is so true.

You're the goddess of my life, the queen of my world,

take a bow.

And I wish I could kiss you right now.

You're my soulmate.

The only one person I truly can trust.

And I just hate

to be without you, but this weekend I must.

One day I'll wake up every morning, look at you,

and say wow!

And I wish I could kiss you right now.

You're my soulmate.

My one love, I knew that the first time we met.

On our first date,

I'd look at you and be in awe

of the feelings I'd get.

I knew you and I would be together forever somehow.

And I wish I could kiss you right now.

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