Soul mates

Haiku--LET ME


Let me come to you

My valor will see you through

You can come to me

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Perhaps you’re not real

Just another figment of my imagination

Floating in my dreams

Like a thousand colored balloons

Their brilliant hues

Lighting up my pathways.

Perhaps you’re not real

But just a painting

To be admired

I caress its surface

I feel the wood carvings.

Perhaps you’re not real

Merely just words

Captivating, intoxicating

Woven like Christopher Marlowe’s

"And I will make thee beds of roses

And a thousand fragrant posies,

A cap of flowers, and a kirtle

Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle."

I string them together

I can read you

Between the lines


This fairytale I’ve created in my mind

A dazzling portrait

Of you… of me.

Perhaps I’m not being real...

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Mystical, glowing stars of night,

Lend to me a wondrous sight,

Of eyes that shine with soft caress,

Full of love and tenderness.

Eyes of laughter, eyes of tears,

That have beckoned for a thousand years.

Guiding me with their sparkling light

Into strong arms that will hold me tight.

As twinkling eyes smile their greenish-brown hue,

I lose myself in the crystalline knowledge of you.

Melting in your steadfast gaze,

The fire burns within, a loving blaze.

For all that we are and all that we'll be,

It is found in this star woven tapestry,

Of a love that has bound us throughout time,

and the beauty of you that is so sublime.



© January 18, 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

LadyHawke's Land Beyond The to a medieval and peaceful land, where romantic poetry and fine art consumes your soul. Drift in the serenity and soft music, be at peace with yourself and let love set your heart aglow!

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"The One"


Feelings unexpected, catch me unaware,

Ironic circumstances, hit me from nowhere.

Never would have guessed it, what happened to me?

Crazy, but I love it, wonder why I couldn't see.

My paradoxical situation makes me scratch my head,

These strange events I ponder, as I lie awake in bed.

I need no explanation, I'm quite content to dream,

I have no expectation, I smile so serene.

No need for aggravation, it's all good in the end,

Just give in to the action, but don't conform to trend.

      -Angel McMasters

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because of my knowledge I was able to convince the queen I was a mighty oracle, but no history book could have prepared me for what happened here.
- Magus  Chrono Trigger

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One Second

As silent as a baby's breath

His lips touched the baby soft skin at the nape of her neck

His strong arms wrapped around her

There, across her breasts, he held her heart

His solid body flawlessly cut to fit the contours of her gentle construction

His heart beating against her pure white back,

A gentle throbbing that sent pulses through her entire body

With one look, he touched the deepest part of her

The feeling of his soul entering hers, so divine it was almost physical

One motion, one kiss, one touch, one second

She fell, breathless, into the depths of his soul

And there she remained, and there she slept

His strong arms still firm around her,

His cheek resting against her neck

As silent as a baby's breath

Author's Notes/Comments: 

March 12, 2002

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Unravelling slowly back through time,

Back to days gone, not forgotten;

A river bank where softly blows

The breath of pine trees swaying.

A velvet green, dew-drop spread

Where, in river coolness lain,

We pledged our future and our love,

We fused our dreams together.

Rewinding now my film of life,

Mental re-run sweet replaying,

My heart is grateful that we chose

To dream our dreams together.

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Spring and Summer may come and go,

Winter and Fall arrives and goes away,

But the blue of your loving eyes,

Everywhere they go with me.

The nightingale sings its songs,

And spreads its wings to fly again,

Butterflies upon some lilies,

For a while stop and then they take their leave.

But your love came to me of suddened,

And still stays with me over the years,

To give me now in love the best rose garden,

Where before there wasn't even a single rose!



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From the bottom of my heart

comes all this love so true

reflected in all the things

that for sure you mean to me

Conveying all this true feelings

expressed for me in every single way

just for you in everything and everywhere

coming directly and straight from my own heart

I just want to show you now

what my heart can't ever hide

every part of me and of love's beauty

it's just a reminder that my love is for you



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Doubt and Misconception

There is a trace of doubt and misconception in her heart.

It is seen in her eyes, sadness, a loss we are so far apart.

Closeness, nearness, love is asked of her.

A shimmering glance of life without ties is so dear.

Why the discontent the questions of my ways.

I learned to love as nature, body beautiful in her many days.

Let's run free, be me, be you.

Love with heart and soul.

Alleviate all fears, Let me show you. You teach me.

Mind, body, holistic all.

Shadows smother World's unearthly goods.

Breakaway. Use the key. Unlock the doors to the neighborhoods.

Signs say... Can you read only print? Listen only with ears?

Stop procrastination, yet waste away with years.

Beauty, youth, innocence of doubting quality...

Wants, needs, materialistic views in quantity.

Poor of materials; Rich in love...shows me life.

Then why this trace of doubt and misconception which only yields strife?  

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