I am waiting, ever watchful

to hear your whispers dear,

the loving voice that you impart,

that keeps you ever near.

The scent of you invades my soul

with a love that is divine.

I cherish our time with such majesty

like a goblet of finest wine.

Our stolen moments light our path

as the moon shines high above.

Two souls intertwined, bound as lovers lace,

shrouded in glowing veils of love.

Minutes ticking, ever precious,

such moments are a treasured gift.

You are the rhythm of my heartbeat,

my lonesome spirit, you do uplift.

Within your smiling eyes, I see myself,

reflections shining clear

of our moments that are filled with love,

magical times that are so dear.

Our souls have joined in harmony

through the misty, tendrils of night.

Come, be warmed by the fire in my heart,

bathe with me in love's glowing light.



© November 7 2000

Author's Notes/Comments: 

LadyHawke's Land Beyond The to a medieval and peaceful land, where romantic poetry and fine art consumes your soul.
Drift in the serenity and soft music, be at peace with yourself and let love set your heart aglow!

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