Queen of Hearts


Three cards she holds in her hand, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades, Jacks all.

Soon it will be her turn to ante, raise or call.

The Jack of Clubs; once she was his Bride,

But it is no longer her wish with him to abide.

The Jack of Diamonds; so named in Pros or Rhymes

For Being a good friend

Is the one on whom she depends.

Should she in these troubled times?

The Knave of Spades; new on the scene

Did her surprise when he opened his vest

Foiled his disguise, this Jack his suit just a lark

The thing that she saw, it beat in his chest

Revealing a heart where she thought there was naught but dark

To her he said, "The sight of you has taken my heart,

Thought by me, no longer capable of being bled

And caused it to pound with blood

Thick hot and red."

Then he took his heart, laid it at her feet.

Why has he done this? She thought looking down from her seat.

I thought it was dead

My heart made of lead

The walls I built around it, now lay in rubble

For by the light of the Queen's eyes was revealed my trouble.

Here lies the repository of my deepest and sincerest feelings and beliefs.

The center and source of my being, emotions and sensibilities.

Afraid to feel, for it may lead to hurt

We must all die someday, so let me live a life with some worth.

Said she, what to do with this heart, beating so loud?

I see you for what you are

Your depth, your warmth; the scar.

So many choices; step on it or leave it to linger

Could she really do such a thing with the crook of a finger?

Better the step, though painful, for to remain feebly alive before dying

is not the fate for which the Jack of Hearts is vying.

It's a promotion he seeks, to join her on the throne.

No pedestals will he place her on, as equals they must stand.

Despite all else she is still a woman and he a man.

Both are strong and independent, they sometimes lock horns.

Always with respect and admiration

They know you don't have to have a mate, but one is nice for completion.

The third choice, to put her heart next to his

Taking the risk of hurt or great happiness.

Neither heart seems complete, in need of a patch

If the pieces came close enough they might find out they are a match.

The match that would ignite the flame of a passion so hot and bright

It could sanitize the wounds left by the Club

And outshine the Diamonds luster like the dawning of a new sky with morning light.

The heat would burn them too, because cards are made of paper

And before two souls can bond together like steel, a stronger alloy, forged by the almighty maker.

They too must be tempered by passing through the fiery mist.

In the end, if they dare to risk their hearts and souls, sealed with a kiss

The Jack of Hearts, his disguise as a Spade no longer the thing

Will happily make her the Queen of his Heart,

If her Heart will accept him as it's King.

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