Soul mates

He's All of Me

He sees everything right through me,

No matter how much I try,

To put up my brick walls,

And force myself not to cry.

He picks up all of my pieces,

And without any trouble at all,

Puts my puzzle together,

No matter how big or small.

He is the substance of my life,

And my final destination,

He triggers every sense,

And every facination.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just want to know how someone so far away can know so much, and be such a huge part of my life!

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The Night We Danced

My Passions

music soft, lights down low,taking the risk

close together,arms securing my heart,

smells of you and me intertwinning smoothly,

hearts beating with fury,simple closeness,

fingertips grazing my back, chilling me,

hand softly touching your face, soothing you,

falling in love on the floor, as we Danced,

people watching and smiling,joy all around,

moving in close needing each other,joining,

calm overpowering my mind,releasing my fears,

feeling the connection,electrifying,Real,

hypnotizing with voice,you steal my heart,

falling in love with the very essence of you,

as we Danced ....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks to Jason for the inspiration.

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Thief in the Night...(a dedication)

Don't recall extending an invitation

Can't remember opening the door

Thought everything was locked up tight

Yet, like a thief in the night you steal a piece of me every  time we.....speak

I'm amazed at how easily you've managed to break in undetected

Not setting off any alarms

Leaving each wall in place

Leaving so much undisturbed

But taking a piece of my heart every time we say goodnight

Such a natural occurrence

Like the parts you've taken were already yours

Like I was protecting them for you

Holding them until you came to claim them...

Like a thief in the night..........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Once in a while you come across someone who seems to replace pieces of you with pieces of them which in turn makes each of you feel more complete...This is what you have done for me and why I dedicate this poem to you...Thank you baby...

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Wedding Poem

As vast as any ocean,

As deep as any sea.

I give you my heart,

For all eternity.

As wide as a desert,

As high as the moon.

I’ll give you my promise,

As today is not to soon.

As long as time continues,

Or as short as it may be.

I promise to give you my love,

And never forget thee.

As long as fish can swim,

And the birds can sing.

Happiness to you,

I promise to always bring.

And with all the criticism,

People bring to me.

My love for you grows stronger,

As this is our destiny.

There is no rod that can break us,

Though there words my seem unkind.

Because in each other,

Comfort we will always find.

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We shall never be torn down

Our foundation more solid than stone

We shall never be tied or bound

Our thoughts together, yet our own

We shall never relent to their eyes

Our vision will soon be complete

We shall never listen to the lies

Our truth more stable than concrete

We shall never allow them inside

Our walls do not know how to fall

We shall never grovel to foolish pride

Our eternity contains it all

We shall never see another road

Our path leads to forever

We shall always carry our own load

Our steps remain side by side, together

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my best friend in the world, David...

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I wish that every time I felt sad,

Someone would hold me, tell me it's not so bad

Hug  me, kiss me, hold me tight

Stay with me, like that, all night

The one I love is ever near,

I see you now that my doubt has cleared

I don't worry, I don't from

You have yet to ever let me down

I love you, and now I know it's true

So come, hold me, all night through


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one a LONG time ago.. like in 2001, and now I had to change a bit... but it did turn out nicely, don't you think??

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No words to express

I feel so strong

But can say only so little

I constantly search for words

But nothing even comes close

You mean so much to me

But I have no way to show you

Nothing can even come close

I write you notes and poems

But even those don't say enough

I want to get you to realize

How much I really do love you

You are always on my mind

Even though we've been together so long

My heart still skips a beat everytime I see you

I still get nervous when I'm going to see you

It feels like you were my first love

You are most definately my first true love

I just sit and think about you

And realize that every second

That I don't see you

I've come to miss you more

I wish that we were older

And that we could live together

Because then I wouldn't have to go so long

Without seeing you're smiling face

You hold me close to you

And all my problems and fears disappear

I wish so much to see you

I love you more than words can say

And I wouldn't have it any other way

When you're sad or had a bad day

What I wouldn't do just to be able to hold you close

I just want to sleep in your arms again

Even if only for one night

I wish that I could find the words

To express my deepest feelings for you

But for now I can only say

I love you with all my heart and soul

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I hear your heart beating

to the rhythm of mine.

A complimentary mixing

a blending of souls.

Can you hear them?

Beating, raw

and passioned,

feverd in their

quest to find

each other.

In a primal need

they dance together

in a never ending waltz

swaying to

the rhythm of Life

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Into The Fold

Step into the fold
Where time and space merge
melting into a semi-existent portal
where we exist only when we are together
Tearing flesh to prove we're alive
Blood mixed with sweat
burned air in punctured lungs
shattered by the implosion of the universe
mouth to mouth
flesh to flesh
spark to spark
That tangible moment
where nothing exists but us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

March 25, 2003

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