Ode To The Mystery...

was lost and can't go on

my sky was darkening

i like it that way sometimes

not much for reckoning

could we sit and talk for a while

i'm sure you wouldn't mind

'cause you are so much like me

so naturally kind

like you've known me forever

i feel the way you do

and the crying shame of all these is

that you were once lost too

so how do you see this life

'sit a tormented scene

'cause if you feel that way then

on my shoulders you can lean

well i know those words are yours

they're what you said to me

for a while i somehow felt this

sensation of being free

were you sent to me was it planned

or is it destiny

that you came in here and rushing

to disclose the mystery

i said you are an angel

you said you got no wings

but the comfort of your presence is

like what an angel brings

d'you mind if i have a cigarette

well i could use one now

i think i'll be just fine

as long as you're around.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i might have found my soulmate..

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