life in my eyes

stuck in society
but time keeps running
hints come in varieties
like my body growing
tendencies expanding
years are my wages
they out last never ending
are we living to die
or begin something new
people paths tie
but sometimes become unloose

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world war in society

people fight with eachother like in war

it is not a normal war

it is a world war in society

we see different fighting style

in different way , in different action

fight for clothes

fight for division of area

even they fight for a one single drop of water

even for a one leaf

make wrong opinion into in their mind

and make a big smile for it

what happen to their mind

make a big silent

and listen what the neighbour talking about

become sycophate

become blind

become superstitious

whom don't want to involve always involved

and make society war, world war

world war in society

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A Fear Of Nothing


I have a fear,
a fear of all that isn't.
A fear of a dark void,
an utter abyss,
a fear of no feeling,
a fear of not knowing,
a fear of unawareness.
A fear
of nothing.

The glass is half-empty,
the sidewalk's all cracks,
there's a pit in the ground
leading to nowhere,
leading to nothing,
leading to a void,
the path to being trapped,
trapped in an abyss,
trapped forever
with nothing.

I am afraid of nothing,
a fear of madness,
loosing my mind,
loosing my body,
loosing my voice,
loosing everything
and gaining nothing.

I'm not afraid of death,
I don't think its not fair.
It happens to everyone,
and we all have it 

for the same amount of time-


Life's the one that's not fair,
but everyone knows that
and no body cares,
not anymore.
Life's life.
You gotta cling to it,
you gotta live it,
'cause letting go
when you still have a chance
is quitting.

Facing fears,
How do I do that?
When my fear is of nothing?
A void.
An abyss.
No colour.
No sound.
No body around.
I swear nothing's more terrifying
than nothing.

I have a fear of nothing,
a fear of everything gone,
disappearing before my eyes.
A fear of the hole
that leads to nowhere,
only down
or up,
depending on how you see it.

I have a fear of the glass half empty,
seeing only what's not there,
seeing only darkness,
blinded to all light.

A fear of falling
without the sensation,
without gravity,
without a body,
dropping my mind,
loosing it forever.

I have a fear of nothing.
Because sometimes the most terrifying things
are things we cannot see.
And nothing is nothing,

You can't fight nothing.

The binds of hate

I hit the ground as a seed from your very own tree

And you took care of me with my love for you

You nurtured me with the light of your bright eyes

And the rain they produced kept me from withering

For they poured in unison with mine and we kept each other strong

But as the weeds started to move in

I watched you slowly become incased

By their strangling stems stealing away any hope for freedom

The freedom to again sway in the innocent and calming breeze

As I look at you stuck propped up by the binds of hate

I realize I would gladly take a breath full of herbicide

For whats the use of being a lovely plant in an ugly yard




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People are never satisfied

with what they've got,

 they buy lots of food

 then let it rot.


 Kids want to go outside,

 but when out want back in.

 Girls always think they're fat

 no matter how thin.


 Somebody will always have

 something better than yours,

 it’s an endless disease for

 which there is no cure.


 You want to get married,

 but then you part ways,

 never willing to work things out

 or set arguments straight.


 You complain about your families,

 but at least you've got one.

 Some people have no one to love them.


 Try living in a country,

 for which you have nothing,

 then you'd learn to appreciate what you've got,

 at least it's something.

~Deziraye Wald~

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've just always been taught to love what you've got, cause your going to miss it once it's gone!

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Volume One







Its all about the time

your political crime.

You make it your mission

for my discrimination.

My life is your debate

resting on the shoulders of fate


I'm the result of your genocide

the project, your society tries to hide

drowning in the crimson tide”


It was sad to hear about Columbine

but you were quick to blame it on the line

because you lack a spine

to admit you were wrong - you accuse it on a fucking song.


and you want me to become a part of this?

Where your blinded by your own shit.


I'm the result of your genocide

your Corrupted Homicide.

Where being dead and alive - collide

not even being alone will the pain subside”


Made out to be,

Losers, Freaks

Posers, Geeks

When we strike up conversations

you make up acquisitions

I was never apart of the occult

all I did was throw you an insult.

Society is quick to judge and condemn

just when its not them.


Its all about the genocide,

its time to fuck your pride

because in the end we all die

we all lie, we all bleed, we all cry”








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have decided to go through (over time) and update my old poems to reflect their appearance in my new book. None of them were really changed, just corrected spelling mistakes and the like.


(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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