Human Too

If I can’t walk on water
Or cannot path the sea

I must remember the word human refers to me

No matter what materials or title I receive
Cannot compare to what Jesus has done for me

So Lord when I begin to forget
Just remind me with a sign
That all men are created equal – and only YOU are divine…

For sometimes I begin to forget – because of my human ways
And begin to believe – I too deserve praise

Lord help me to remember – that I am human too
And all the praises in this world belongs to only you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Is a perfect piece of art for anyone making worldly advances. A reminder to everyone that all men are created equal. A great admonition of our short comings to the miracles of Christ. The perfect gift for anyone making positive changes.

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Critically Analytic

We’ve been reading too many books

lately. Blatantly, not trying to create

recently. Evidently, we’ve been letting others

absurdly run the story of you and me

in trying to be, when we already are,

freely entrapped within our own systems,

circles, and propriety of competition amongst society.

You can blame society,
but it’s simply you and me
in relation.
You and me, and him and her and them and us.

We’re in this together, now.
Each infinitesimal drop of murky water,
forming, ostensibly, the flood. Not one splash feels
the responsibility,

consequently we blame, and

haughtily criticize, rationalizing it
in our minds.

Lazily, we evaluate others stories, finding frailties,
unaware of the intricately subtle reflection of our own

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm one to promote the independent explanation of poems.

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