Let us synthesize a placebo,
to make us lose ourselves
inside this bleeding catacomb.

Let us become lost, confused,
so we may rebuild ourselves
from the rubble of our ruin.

High pitch foghorns to flood our minds.

Quietness of the mind is a protest
in its own silence.
the television, confused vision, movie star, and liquor bar.
Hobbies busy societies
so the leaders may bleed ears,
deafened by the cell phone,
defended by an overtone.

Passiveness is the new dress.
Slogans to stop all pens
from writing
about stopping…………stop.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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Who Are We?


How do we know who we once were,
If we don’t know who we are.
All around us there is war,
Causing all people to get hurt.

How do we know who are going to be,
If we don’t know who we are,
We never let anyone see our true color,
To try to find ourselves is key.

We don’t know who we are,
Trying to hide behind the lies of all.
The truth never comes out at all,
We don’t allow ourselves to go far.

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