Like the Light You Shone

Like the light you shone,

In the land so well-known,

I took you for a fairy,

Looking at you slyly!


You saw me as well,

As your shy glance did tell,

Something erotic and hidden,

You wanted to be involved then!


My guess may be wrong,


My heart to you truly did belong!

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*Silent Melody*

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Only i can hear this silent melody 
So loud and clear 
So bright and true 
So lovely i shed a tear 
Nobody understands what I'm going through 
No one understands this fear 
That's trapped inside 
Nobody wants to hear 
So i just stay to myself i just hide 
No one yet has told me for me they care 


My heart hurts every night 
When it's time to go to sleep 
This pain inside i try my hardest to fight 
But all i can do is weep 


No one wants to listen 
In my eyes 
There's no shine 
They don't even glisten 
All I have are my midnight cries 
And my silent Melody 
Sitting there right along my side 
Watching as time flies by 
I'm trying my hardest, my best 
Not to let the rest of me die 
Mean while with my tears no cares if i hide 


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Shiny Apple




O my great one! 


How you shine! Shine! Shine!


The arms of the ages open,


Receiving those worn, scarred and weary souls


To embrace a new freedom of dreams!




O my soul of loving concern,


For those beaten by war, 


And the ravages of man's frailties 


That most often lurk unseen within his being,


Lift up your best alms,


And transform those regrets 


Beyond the iniquities of the past.



Streets paved with the shadows 


Of lonely and searching immigrants 


Lost in time and groping for security,


Never allowing malice to obsure your divinity.



Shine! Shine! Shine On!



6:23 PM 7/8/2013 ©




Author's Notes/Comments: 

New of dreams for so many.

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Your Light Shines


Your Light shines all around Lord
As we go about our day
Help us to kneel and pray

Your light shines all around Lord
Keep us close to Thee
Help us all to see
The light that shines so free

Your light shines all around Lord
So close and so near
Help this light to take the fear

Your light shines all around Lord
We see you in the small things
Help us to grow and spread our wings

Your light shines all around Lord
Keep us brave, help us to conquer
All the pain, help us gain the light
That shines in you.

Written By://©Betty Bolden
All poems are copyright!©

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The Shoe Shine Boys Game

Can you tell me something new?
If you do I’ll shine your shoes
But if I’ve hear it before
Then you perform this nasty chore

Many people had a go
At finding something I didn’t know
But every single time
I found my shoes were being shined

They all thought that I was thick
As I shined shoes for my bit
But I answered questions thick and fast
And they then befell this dastardly task

But on one sunny summers day
A new man came from far away
And asked me something quite profound
But all I did was frown and frown

It appeared my luck was up
And I was down cleaning muck
This man had taught me something new
It was that I would forever shine shoes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A mini story from the eyes of young boy who's job is to shine shoes for anyone richer than himself. Shows how society uses the poor to there own accord to do what they want. Role reversal to show the rich how the poor live, but then reversed back as eventually the rich always triumph over the poor, as the world can appear money centred.

Finding Me


Somewhere in this

Cluttered mind

Is a way for me

To find

Me – and simply

To define

The way to make

Me shine



Written on

January 7, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one I wrote telling someone that I am looking for a way to shine.

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