Deborah and I spent October in the mountains, enjoying the Autumnal views

We were going to leave on the 31st but Bryan made us and offer we couldn’t refuse.


He asked if we wanted to see the Biltmore House Christmas tree when it arrives November 1st

Then we remembered, “Hey, we’re retired!”, so our plans we immediately reversed.


The Biltmore Estate Christmas tree (we got our information from reliable sources)

Is 35 feet tall and enters the grounds on a carriage drawn by two horses.


As if seeing the tree wasn’t enough then let me offer more proof

Bryan said we could watch the festivities from atop the Biltmore House roof.


So from a balcony up on the roof with the colors of fall all around

We watched the Christmas season enter through a gate on the Biltmore House grounds.


We felt blessed to watch the merging of the seasons, as the sky cleared and out came the sun

But the biggest blessing of the day was sharing it all with our son.


A month surrounded by the colors of fall, is enough to warm any heart

But standing on the roof with Deborah and Bryan got this season off to a great start.


As I stood up there marveling at Bryan, our son, and smiling at Deborah, my wife

I thought what a special moment…then I wondered about these moments in my life.


What is it that makes them so special?  Let me now help unravel this myth.


What makes the moments in one’s life special are the ones we share those moments with.

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