Prejudice Eyes

Your prejudice speaks louder than any word.
From across the distance, or up close. Even if unheard.
With eyes like knives, I'm within your grasp.
Emotional anxiety tearing me down, leaving me to gasp.
In shambles I grab my self respect.
In a situation like that. What did you expect?
You claim you have the right to look where you please.
But in reality, who's left at ease?
So I love what I love, what would you have me do?
Sit back and take the pain? I'm sure that would please you.
Not now, not ever, will I reside in the loneliness of dark.
Push back the shadows by using my spark
A spark. What is this spark I speak about?
The will to go forward, even if I wish to scream and pout.
You wont cut down my love or ties.
No.. No. Not with those prejudice eyes.

Justin Herrera

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