Mystic Law


A new day begins and I wonder,

Will this heartache be part of my life?

Seems the whole reason that I existed,

Was in hopes of becoming your wife.

At the day’s end it’s so awful lonely,

As I turn the sheets down on my bed,

Cause your love is felt here with each heartbeat,

And your memory left here in my head.

In this midst of confusion I’m frightened,

With the rug pulled out under my feet,

And the challenges that stand before me,

I pray God grants me courage to meet.

And I’ll hold this love close as I can now,

‘Cause I know it will help me be strong,

At those times when it feels no one loves me, 

I’ll remember the time I was wrong,

I’m still learning that Love’s got to teach us, 

The things that we don’t want to see,

That one’s presence is not what’s important, 

How they "cared" is what’s really the key,

To a world with a whole new beginning; 

‘Cause the Spirit of Love will endure,

Any hardship that we can imagine,

All the arguments, carnage, and more,

So when this world leaves your heart empty,

But sweet memories abide in your head,

And you’re torn between headstrong and heartfelt,

And remember all  that I’ve  said,

That the Spirit of Love lies within you;

It’s the substance of everything here,

It’s the smile you gave when I met you,

It’s the frown and the smirk….it’s the tear….

And our loves and our joys, yes, are wondrous,

But the real thing we’re meant to achieve,

Is to love one another with freedom,

Not possessiveness, envy, or greed.

If we learn this we’ll grow as we should here, 

And plant seeds in each daughter and son,

The Great Spirit of Love will live on here,

And the reason for Life…will have won.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written with great empathy shortly after 911, for the surviving wives and wives-to-be of that disaster.

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Ritual Of An Awakening


Enlighten this room
As I call as a faithful apprentice
Summoning your loyal presence
In this place I call home

I ask that you bless my altar
In the silence of an awakening
Ending in bathing meditation
Relaxing from my new rebirth

I ask that you open new doors
Chosen to only walk through
To reopen up my third eye
To view what is on the other side

Soaking in the energy
Soaking in the might
Ritual of an awakening
To occur the next night

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Red Pill


The dawn of a night,

An eclipse of the sun.

Giant spectacles of power,

Here, where life has begun.


There's a hum to the world,

You can only feel in your heart.

An understanding and knowledge,

That will set you apart.


A drive to fulfill,

To learn all you can.

The mysterious, the unexplained,

Secrets hidden by man.


Like ashes of cloud burst,

Falling thick in your hands,

Lies the power of all heaven,

Made manifest in this land.


As night slowly lifts

The crow, on the hour

Comes the tempest, the winds,

Held tight by your power.

To unleash the unknown,

To set fevers a fire;

A revolution has come,

Our world, much too dire.


This calling resounds,

To those with the will

To come out of the shadows,

To take that Red Pill.


Like a beacon of light,

Drowned in a tempest's wild holler,

It seems almost hopeless,

Why should we bother?


I don't know about you,

But for myself, I'll agree

Sometimes it's easier,

To pretend you don't see.


But eyes be blind,

While ears don't hear.

Heart's can't lie,

And the mind breeds fear. 


I hold out my hands,

I put the call out.

Will I hear a reply?

I know without doubt.





Flower Born of Heaven

Infinite beauty arrived;
formed in mists of a celestial isle
An elegance blessed;
sharing likeness to a Heavenly smile

On angelic winds,
from rushing of wings that part
A shower of petals,
in drift they gently rest upon her heart

Gale through gardens,
send flower’s scented blessings on air
Then wisped along,
a sweetness for Kingdom’s heir

In approach of morn,
eyes beheld a brand new star
An angel whispered,
“I’ll always remember who you are”

A soul delivered,
given from arms of paradise
From Glory to earth,
spirit was born of Heaven twice

With feet on ground,
all shadows belong to eternal grace
Sums called children,
many with dreams of a special place

Their slumbered eyes,
glimpse flowering gardens of home
Wishes for sight,
discovers a realm where kindred roam

Inside my dreams,
time spent beside a spoken name
Through years alone
heart of a flower saw the same

Beneath in still,
under skies filled with celestial light
In hazy mist,
a handful of words taking flight

On soaring wings,
sent prayer asks for loving embrace
In shower of petals,
sweetness brings a smile to an angel’s face

Long remembered whisper,
held closely tight unto holy breast
Days for tomorrow,
welcoming two hearts to be blessed

Name as spoken,
beside me in my dreams come true
Flower born of Heaven,
is the one I had already given to you

© C.E.Vance

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The One

As I sit here, I look back and see what all I've done.
How much I've lost. How much I've gained.
I thought for so long that I was lost and alone.
I believed that You had given up on me, but now I see.
I see the truth...the truth is...You're the one.

Thinking to myself, these thoughts in my head
about all who are gone, and all who remain.
I hope daily that You'll take me home.
I believe that You'll never give up on me.
No more battles do I have to fight
because in You...the battle is already won.

I feel it now this power within me!
It's not to be used to hurt or maim,
but instead to Your holy name!
You are the one...the bridge to eternity,
and You'll never let me fall further than my knees!

Walking on this path I look back, feeling alone,
and in my most troubled times I see not two sets of footprints, but one.
It is now that I realize that I have never been lost,
but I am free from my sins...because You paid the cost!
This is where my new life begins, that's no lie!
Today the old 'me' ends, he has died!
Nothing can stand in my way with You in my life!
Satan will run away because, for me, You died!

I feel it somehow this power within me!
It's not to be used to hurt or maim,
but instead to Your holy name!
You are the one...the bridge to eternity,
and You'll never let me fall further than my knees!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Today I reclaim nothing, except that there is victory in Christ! To those reading this who feel depressed, ashamed, hurt, or otherwise bad I have good news. Jesus Christ will heal you of these things. I am living proof of this. In my life I have tried several times to kill myself, battled depression for 14 years, dealt with heartache, pain, lust, and all of my sins, but now I give them all to Christ. he died so that my sins could be paid for. He did the same for each of you. Even if you dont believe I encourage you to read my poetry as I hope it will help you all through whatever times you're going through. Know NOW that you are never alone! All you have to do is look for the truth, and you will find it. I found it. You see Chirst doesnt have to find us...He already knows where we are, but He wants us to come to Him of our own accord! he doesnt want mindless slaves! He wants those who CHOOSE to serve! I dont mean to preach, but I hope everyone that reads this poem at least comes out of it knowing theyre NOT alone!

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The Phoenix


Like the phoenix

I rise once more

From the ashes


Where I did lay

Broken and sore

From life’s slashes


Yet I do rise

And fly again

Soaring to the sky


This is my life

Sometimes I win

And I fly


Sometimes I lose

And take the pain

Find new scares


But I do rise

Never in vain

Trying to reach the stars


~Chrystal Swallows

Written on

September 13, 2004

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was about me getting up after being hurt. Now mind you the only boy that ever hit me was Mike Aversa. He was the first and the last that ever even thought of putting his hands on me.

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