Flower Born of Heaven

Infinite beauty arrived;
formed in mists of a celestial isle
An elegance blessed;
sharing likeness to a Heavenly smile

On angelic winds,
from rushing of wings that part
A shower of petals,
in drift they gently rest upon her heart

Gale through gardens,
send flower’s scented blessings on air
Then wisped along,
a sweetness for Kingdom’s heir

In approach of morn,
eyes beheld a brand new star
An angel whispered,
“I’ll always remember who you are”

A soul delivered,
given from arms of paradise
From Glory to earth,
spirit was born of Heaven twice

With feet on ground,
all shadows belong to eternal grace
Sums called children,
many with dreams of a special place

Their slumbered eyes,
glimpse flowering gardens of home
Wishes for sight,
discovers a realm where kindred roam

Inside my dreams,
time spent beside a spoken name
Through years alone
heart of a flower saw the same

Beneath in still,
under skies filled with celestial light
In hazy mist,
a handful of words taking flight

On soaring wings,
sent prayer asks for loving embrace
In shower of petals,
sweetness brings a smile to an angel’s face

Long remembered whisper,
held closely tight unto holy breast
Days for tomorrow,
welcoming two hearts to be blessed

Name as spoken,
beside me in my dreams come true
Flower born of Heaven,
is the one I had already given to you

© C.E.Vance

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