Alas, these simple moments
as they simple as they seem,
are never simple to the thinker,
ever changing as I dream.

Alas, beautiful nostalgia,
As cold and quiet as a noose.
Leaving most difficult decisions,
yet reminding me to choose.

Alas, loving heartbreak,
stabbing like a shiv,
keep me going nowhere,
yet reminding me to live.

Alas, stupid courage,
as strong as I may seem,
reminding me to fight,
yet advising me to leave.

Alas, simple trust,
refusing me to fail.
always surrounded with these lies,
yet refusing truth to tell.

Alas, self-awareness,
as cold as you may be.
I have something to thank you for,
that thanks shall ever be.

Alas, my mind shall sing,
as truthful as the birds,
when I have a song to sing,
I will sing these simple words

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Bitter is Better

For Bitter is Better,

The Sicker our Weather,

For Better is a Bitter truth,

The Cancerous Lies,

That changes our lives,

And Evolves the Man from the Youth.

The corruption they seek,

Breathes Air through our Cheeks,

And Creates the Sayor in Soothes.

Lives tumbling past,

Leaving Disastrous paths,

Leave choices you have to choose.

The Truth or the Lies?

Forgive us, our Life!

And Please...........Let our Demons Loose............

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One Trillion Little Things

One trillion little painful tears,
Have decided the last ten-thousand years.

One trillion little drops of blood,
Have outlined the fossils of the mud.

One trillion little beads of sweat,
Have forged the path we can't forget.

One trillion little hopes were lost,
Only to find there was no cause.

One trillion little people die,
Believing in someone's lie.

One trillion little problems we cant erase,
Have destroyed the image of our race.

Destructive sense is what destruction does,
Spending our life wishing for what was.

Yet we have not learned from our mistake,
Destroying things we can't create.

So much of us is lost to not,
And we can't remember the cause for which we fought.

One trillion little things that we do,
Only to remember the things that we knew.

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Trouble is it in you?,
Trouble in finding one's self?,
Trouble living lies?,
Trouble navigating hell?,


Simply be is simple must,
Simply love? Simply lust?
Simply be. Simply breathe.
Simply outlive the simple rust.

Simple, simple, simple,
As simple as it seems,
Simply going nowhere,
Simply splitting at the seams.

Simply too complicated,
simply too hard from the start,
simply got too confusing,
simply broke our little hearts.

Simply wishing life was simple,
as simple as our dreams,
yet none of us have realized,
its as simple as it seems.

-Benjamin Gibson

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The Idle Argument

The Idle Argument

What if at the end of it all

We’re merely crumbs on a small blue dejected ball

That just hangs in the cold vacuum of space

No way to avoid the end of the irrevocable race

Even before the journey did begin

Already knowing how it will end

Finding that I am only a barren shell

That has in the end been designed to fail

Left right or middle I go on merrily

In the end ending up where I’m suppose to be

Doggedly drawn to something I can not resist

Because life has turned me into a fatalist

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Schrödinger's Cat

Schrödinger's Cat

Which road shall I take or does it even matter

Same result if I follow the former or the latter

There are two branches of time up ahead

In one I am alive in the other I am dead

One not knowing of the others actuality

Dead and alive both with the same validity

Time parallel but never touching the other

Like twins in blood knowing a different Mother

Both going on their different same ways

Following the script they have to play

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Transitory Thoughts

Being on the Internet and (stupidly) choosing to view commentary on any major website will usually result in anger. There’s inevitably going to be someone, somewhere who openly disagrees with everything that you believe in and, chances are, they will somehow be louder, angrier and more obnoxious than every other user that has preceded them. (Louder here means they just post incessantly. If you can actually hear them you may need to adjust your medication).

It’s easy to jump into that anger and engage it. Whether justified or not, EVERYONE assumes that they are right in almost everything that they do. If they don’t, they find arbitrary reasons to justify what they’re doing/saying. Almost no one can openly admit to being in the wrong without an ulterior motive behind the admission (especially on the Internet). But this isn’t necessarily due to selfishness; it’s because of fear. Fear is tied to self-preservation, sure, but it’s more instinctual and less conscious. Anyone who thinks of human beings as anything more than highly advanced animals simply want to believe that we are “special” and “chosen” by a Higher force that everybody is too afraid of trying to explain, because admitting to being unable to understand or prove the existence of that Higher power leaves us open to doubts. What if we’re wrong? What if death truly does spell the end of our awareness? What if we simply cease to be? Will anyone remember us? Are we even WORTH remembering?

I believe that our experiences are all that color our awareness and our morality, which is why almost every single aspect of life is totally subjective. Fear is what drives violence, because fear is what spawns hatred. You don’t feel threatened by someone who is different than you simply because of things that are cosmetic or dogmatic in nature - you feel threatened because they do not conform to the way that you see everything, and are therefore something that could provoke doubt in your mind. You could have been wrong this entire time, about everything, and they are potential proof of that. If you avoid them, or even get rid of them somehow, that doubt will be removed. You can settle back into being “correct” and feel that familiar, ignorant comfort. Ignorance here does not simply mean “racism” or “homophobia”; it translates to a shield you place in front of yourself to stop the many grey areas that life has to offer from affecting you. Is this wrong? Well, the concept of what is “wrong” is subjective too.

To accept an inherent value or truth in ANYTHING is to accept bias. Someone that came and lived before you established a belief, and you accepted it without proof or reasonable doubt. This equates to somebody, somewhere making an assumption; a generalization, and as any intelligent person knows, generalizations are never infallible and always, essentially, incorrect. It helps to think of life as an infinite series of circles and loops. There is no “right” answer for most of life’s biggest questions, and therefore, no end. But people cannot accept this, and I can understand why. It’s frightening. It implies a total lack of control. Logic states that death is the only true end, and not because it provides some sort of solution to all of the conflict and strife we endure at the hands of the world and each other. Its only result is silence without answers. The arguing will cease because we, who are clamoring and banging on about everything and nothing, will no longer be able to do so. We will cease to exist in the manner that we are accustomed. Whether or not our consciousness goes on is just one of those big questions, one which certainly has no answer.

In the end, there is no reasoning that can temper anger completely. Emotion and logic exist as two totally separate lenses through which we view reality. It’s difficult to mix the perspectives that they provide without muddying what might have been the “truth” at one point or another, but still, we persist and try. And as a result, there will never be an end to the conflict we stir amongst ourselves: members of the same species sharing the same ground and seeing the same events unfold before our eyes, but through differing shades and colors that divert us from things that are too bright, too sharp and too full of contrast. We fear the grey because it is at times too mundane, and at other times too complex. Absolutes are the only language that we, as a collective whole, are able to recognize, because they’re easy to understand.

I imagine life will continue as is until we’re all ready to accept a little ambiguity.

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Nautilus Universe

we're just a layer in the shell.
True infinity-Neverending above, neverending behind;
The realm of the Creator is but another layer,
arcing asymptotically forward
leaving us to bask in the glory of supreme chase
and give tribute with vanity
instilled in the most axial part of unwitting offspring.
What else is a convex lens to do?
Yet we dance in the sunlight and burn forever.
Nanosecond tick-phosphoric flash, wicks crumble in solar wind.
Surely we must shimmer in the sky.
Sure the stars are blind, but so are we.
The absurdity of the sublime must equal its meaninglessness.
Thusly balance is had.
To live in medium is harmony;
for the sky rains fire and cool seas rest beneath the surface.
To claim atmosphere is made for the lungless is a stretch indeed.
Were we to inhale, the thought of us would shatter.
Nay, reside in mellow grass and humble wood;
give them fuel to burn.

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A Dream beyond Reach July 5, 2005

A Dream beyond Reach July 5, 2005

Verse1: I close my eyes…
Envisioning all
That surrounds me…
A dream beyond reach,
Deepening within
The void of my heart.

Chorus: Thoughts fleeting across my mind
(A mantra in hand, signified).
After-images that never seem to wash away.
(A silent breeze shall do it justice).
If nothing shall come of it,
Then why shall I just go on putting a mask
To disguise the apparent dissatisfaction
Present and lingering within me?!
(Logic for which is transferred from
Across the other side).
Loneliness ain’t a problem for me.
Then why, why must the prevailing
Thought and sense be equivalent
To that of being lonely atop
Presumes to be a constant and
Never-ending dream beyond reach?

Verse2: Even a fanciful dream beyond reach
Satisfies one’s cure for isolation.
A feeling of depression,
Lingering in the air…
“If one shall succeed, then
One must sacrifice optimism for
A dream beyond reach”.
(Throw away optimism for pessimism)…
“If one shall fail, then one is
Being too overly confident”.
(Let go of pride and optimism
To let pessimism prevail).
Optimism leads to failure.
Will you whisper a philosophy into my ear?

Bridge: A wise prophet once informed me
Of these sad and depressing realities of life.
(The facts of life, if I’m not mistaken)…
It just took me a while to figure out just
Where the underlying causes for the sad
And depressing truth shines true.
Will the illumination beyond the tunnel
Be sufficient enough for the navigation
Of a dream beyond reach?
A moment for which,
The world currently resides.
Will you whisper a philosophy into my ear?

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