One Trillion Little Things

One trillion little painful tears,
Have decided the last ten-thousand years.

One trillion little drops of blood,
Have outlined the fossils of the mud.

One trillion little beads of sweat,
Have forged the path we can't forget.

One trillion little hopes were lost,
Only to find there was no cause.

One trillion little people die,
Believing in someone's lie.

One trillion little problems we cant erase,
Have destroyed the image of our race.

Destructive sense is what destruction does,
Spending our life wishing for what was.

Yet we have not learned from our mistake,
Destroying things we can't create.

So much of us is lost to not,
And we can't remember the cause for which we fought.

One trillion little things that we do,
Only to remember the things that we knew.

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Reminds me of Zaefar & Evans'

Reminds me of Zaefar & Evans' song, "2525," but your poem is much more moving.


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I'm speechless

Each and every line drew a picture in my mind. Just beautiful. :)