The Face Of Christ

The Face Of Christ

as a young boy I was out in my lawn
I looked intently up at the sky

to my amazement I saw the face of Christ
having a vast domain of saints behind him

Suddenly I was paralyzed inside
for I had no where to run away & hide

there was lines being formed in the sky
this adage of thought is no lie

tears began to flow from my eyes
I wasn't ready for the return of my Lord

for I had to much sin in my life
amidst the barrage of thoughts and strife

There he was in the sky I couldn't believe my eyes
a beacon of hope to a hurting world in search of love

all from the amazing hand from up above
he looked very primitive almost on edge

with many thoughts swirling around inside my head
maybe he wanted to wake the dead

I will always remember that dear scene in my mind
For now I could see with no more to be blind

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