Hey Mr Government ( song lyrics/acoustic guitar)

Song Lyrics

Song lyrics for acoustic guitar

(The chords are G D A)


Hey mister president,

Thanks for dropping by 

I hope you know that I

Wanted you to try and break us free


Hey mister president 

Did you know that I have sent

A letter to our government

But it was never relevant or read to you


Hey mister government 

Thank you for the times

And Thank you for my dimes 

And thank you fr'all the lies 

But it's just  a fools game anyhow 


Hey mister senator

I hope your feeling proud 

With your head up in clouds

 a wife you sleep around 

Pictured is a man who looks just like you


Hey mister president 

I hope you play my song

On the white houses front lawn 

And that it makes you think about 

What it means 

To be 

Counted on for change 

But not a pocket full of dimes 

Or building walls  or speeding fines 

Just a voice to keep my time 

And we will all hold hands and sing

with a voice that is the meaning 


Of tomorrow 

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allets's picture

"...a voice that is the meaning..."

I doubt the Prez will join us also, but we need an anthem. This kinda works!  "fr'all" makes me think: poetic justice fr'all" Ha! - NICE!




Beatnik1979's picture


guess I just was optimistic that people can learn to find a common ground that’s not  politico-centric.

wouldn’t  that be a trip?

allets's picture

I'm A Child of the 60's


The protest song is a genre. Peace and civil rights, anti-police brutality, women's rights...Joan Baez, Dylan's lyrics, Richie Havens (who came to Detroit Jazz Festival the year before he died).. Even Elvis got on the bandwagon - amazing. Powerful genre and having been at war or in police actions, UN backed aggressions over 50 year, they are welcome and necessary. Give peace a chance. - slc



Beatnik1979's picture

What happened?

did people just stop paying that close of attention?

im not sure....

maybe it isnt cool to be non conformist anymore...

maybe we are done fore ....

hat clutching abound