civil war

Afghanistan War Over 4 Times Longer than Civil War



There is no exit strategy for

the Afghanistan War.

Why? Because religious haters,

loanshark capitalists and war profiteers

want endless war.


This almost 17 year war

is more than 4 times as long

as the Civil War.


saiom shriver

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Hey Mr Government ( song lyrics/acoustic guitar)

Song Lyrics

Song lyrics for acoustic guitar

(The chords are G D A)


Hey mister president,

Thanks for dropping by 

I hope you know that I

Wanted you to try and break us free


Hey mister president 

Did you know that I have sent

A letter to our government

But it was never relevant or read to you


Hey mister government 

Thank you for the times

And Thank you for my dimes 

And thank you fr'all the lies 

But it's just  a fools game anyhow 


Hey mister senator

I hope your feeling proud 

With your head up in clouds

 a wife you sleep around 

Pictured is a man who looks just like you


Hey mister president 

I hope you play my song

On the white houses front lawn 

And that it makes you think about 

What it means 

To be 

Counted on for change 

But not a pocket full of dimes 

Or building walls  or speeding fines 

Just a voice to keep my time 

And we will all hold hands and sing

with a voice that is the meaning 


Of tomorrow 

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Uncivil War, Dugout Doug MacArthur, Oh Say Can You See, Heart Trumps Art

Poem Strings



-saiom shriver-




"Oh say can you see"
by the bombs' early light
the agony, the despair
when blind men fight




Masses massacred.
Was there ever a Civil War?
Are all wars
barbaric, uncivil?
Many would argue
that wars to free slaves, the war
to fight Hitler, wars to be freed
of colonial invasion, the battle of
Kurukshetra (the battle of the Bhagavad
Gita) are necessary
despite the mass slaughter of
civilians, soldiers, animals,
forests. Whatever ones opinion,
the leaders of great religions
such as Buddha, Jesus, Krishna
teach universal nonviolence.




He was called by his troops
'dugout Doug' MacArthur.
His touted "I shall return"
was said to the soldiers
he abandoned when he boated
off to Australia as they were
forced into the Bataan Death March
and death or torture and imprisonment.
Footnote: Recently an American
general became the first war zone
casualty general since the war in




After many decades of suicides,
1600, with a record 46 in 2013,
after the opposition of those
who said suicide barriers
would harm the bridge's esthetics
there will finally be such barriers.
The Golden Gate to the heart
is opening.



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Brother, no! Don't shoot,

It is I, your own twin!

Do you not recognize you,

Your own flesh and blood kin?


Have we now come to this,

On this mercy-forsaken field?

North against South

Where neither will yield?


Don't you hear the sounds,

Of our countrymen dying?

The wounded, the shot,

For their mamas, they are crying!


Are you so blind by your cause,

For men to wrongfully enslave,

Other human beings, in chains,

That it puts you, to your grave?


Don't be so loyal to those masters,

Who's fight, you're undertaking.

For your a mere, dirt-poor farmer,

Of your own, hard-work, making!


Brother, please, now take heed,

Take off that Gray and wear Blue.

Fight for the North, and what's right,

It's what our own Father would do.



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(a civil war poem by George Gate from the book Mighty Gray Rebel)
Listen to poem at

copyright@2012 George Gate

I lay against a rock
Among soldiers I care
I see those two sticks of
That little drummer’s snare

Though fifer he blows not
I’m hearing his echo
No one’s talking to me
But all of them I know

We all fought together
Some just a time or two
It looks like won’t be long
Until this war is through

These guys have seen dark days
But they don’t have worries
‘Cause angels came and took them
They’re now in God’s Glory

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