Deep Dimensions

We follow uncertain concatenation
on endless encounters through
life's joyful joylessness entwined;
because we are hugely hopeful
humankind uplifted within earth's
deep dimensions darkened.  


Benumbing brilliance lights our
wasteful way through furious
fading fields on promised green
pastures and restorative roots; 
for we are on these unbound
earthly encounters through
deleterious deep dimensions.  


Through bleeding blood, we thrive
on senseless sensibilities seeking
to keep painful painlessness pure
as life's joyful joylessness jitters
us into crass circles on bloody
bloodlessness because humankind
drained us in deep dimensions. 


[c] Ugonna Wachuku: 3 April 2022: Mexico: Earth.

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With imaginative twists of

With imaginative twists of language and clever uses of opposites to show the paradoxes of life here in this earthly adventure, you give us a higher vision. In these "deep dimensions" of reckless destruction, waste and uncertainty, you invite us into a more enlightened worldview.


 A wise and radiant bridge to much-needed change and clarity. 

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"With imaginative twists ...:" Deep Dimensions:

Your inspiring critical analysis of one's Deep Dimensions is so cherished, Patricia. I am so grateful. With love and respect: Ugonna: 

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You're welcome. It was a

You're welcome. It was a pleasure to read and comment on this luminous work of art.