Sip away.................

Sip away…….

At the bar parlor;
Order for a drink
“Vodka with Orange flavor”;
Drink the first peg;
Of your beautiful eyes
Sip slowly, the second one;
Of your elegant face
Sip the third one;
Curving of your spicy body

escape from the bar.
But do not forget to pay
Go along with your own way

By Williamsji Maveli

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Williamsji, (Williams George), former Ras Al Khaimah based Journalist and lyrist of yester-years has been nominated for a literary award for the first time for literature. The Award is being formulated by KGA (Kallettumkara Global Association, UAE Chapter) for outstanding contributions to literature from the native writers of Kallettumkara, a village town in Trichur, Kerala in India. The award will be presented by the KGA’s UAE Chapter on the grand occasion of their 10th anniversary, which will be held during September, this year, according to Mathew David, Chairman of Kallettumkara Global Association. Williamsji was born on 23, April 1954 in Kalettumkara village, Thrissur District, Kerala State, in India. Williams George, popularly known as Williamsji, Irinjalakuda during early 1970’s wrote simple romantic, enchanting lyrics in Malayalam language , scribbling from four lines to fourteen lines ( called a sonnet ) wrote as many lyrics suitable to depict in love scenes of Malayalam movies from his school days onwards at Don Bosco English Medium High School.
Later while he was a college student, released his first work of lyrics titled “Ragha Pooja” (Offerings to Love) in Malayalam during 1973. He was attending Christ College in Irinjalakuda for his Bachelors degree in Commerce . He was elected as the Magazine Editor of Christ College during 1976, while Emergency declared in India. Since then he was producing himself manuscript magazines, namely “Kalithoni’ for Shardaya Study Circle of Kallettumkara and “Shilpy”, another manuscript magazine for Irinjalakuda Sakhti Mathrubhumi study circles. He was much fascinated with the poetry lessons of his Master in English literature K.Sachidananan, Professor in English at Christ College during 1970s. Also popular Malayalam Literary Critic Mampuzha Kumaran inspired him in developing the poetic talents which was dormant in him. He turned to writing lyrics and penned nearly 300 songs for popular Malayalam film journals, specially for “Cinerama” , a popular cine weekly during 1970’s published from Quilon in Kerala under the guidance of prominent Malayalam writer cum editor late Kambiserry Karunakaran. The he became a regular contributor to many Malayalam monthly journals and weekly publications, writing poems, lyrics, short stories, novels, screen plays and film criticisms. From among those published lyrics, of Williamsji , Late T.V.Kochubhava, prominent story writer and a close associate of Williamsji, selected nearly 100 lyrics from his collection of literary works and published with a title “Ragha Pooja” (Offerings to Love) during 1973 which is the first published literary work of Williamsji. Though he was successful as a lyricist, his wish was to become a script writer. To fulfil that, he became the Assistant Script Writer of Late A.C. Sabu, the only Cine Journalist of that time and a close associate of Kanmani Films director Late Ramu Kariyat (Chemmeen fame) who brought the first Silver Award to Malayalam Film for the best feature film during the year 1970. Williamsji was also associated with the screen play works of many black and white films during 1970s . Williamsji left Christ College after completing his Post Graduation in Commerce ( He, then worked in UAE for over thirty years with Emirates Telecommunication Corporation (Etislata) Ras AL Khiamah and Thurayya Satelite communications (Abu Dhabi). The award is for his current poetry collections named as “MAA SALAMA ” (With Peace..) and for “POLIVACHANAPORULUGHAL” (Revelations of Bluffed words) , both will be released by H & C Books, Trichur, shortly.
Williamsji (Williams George) was a Freelance writer for “ Gulf News”, “Khaleej Times” and “The Gulf Today”, three popular English Daily News papers, published from UAE and Columnist for Malayalam News , the first Malayalam daily paper published from Saudi A

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It is hard to get up some days,
Laying here in this haze of silence.
No energy to see the consequences,
Or even care about influences
That yell at me to wake the fuck up.


Even Cobain created shouts of angst,
Swore he didn’t have a gun!

What could my consciousness do
To stop the man who sold the world?
Who would even care or
Miss that I was not there?
Or here?
Or anywhere?


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Standing on the mountain watching as the world goes by with a gentle breeze caressing my face i close my eyes its almost as if its the gentle touch of so long ago my heart beats faster as i start to tremble i get weak in the knees the tears start streaming down my face its as if he knows i need those big strong arms to hold ive seculded myself from family and friends so im in the world all my own my own living hell with no one to turn to i pray to the lord for my nightmare to end i just want to be with my one true love again wondering how i came to this point in my life no one even knows im alive as i fall to my knees i let out a silent scream wondering why this has happened to me its a hot summer day yet i feel cold and alone could it be this dark black hole buried deep in my soul?

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Que Onda?

Que Onda? te veo...diles de mi a cara'
la hora paso y tu sentado sin
salvaccion cruxificado en una cruz de
Entra las puertas de pasado y veras
las arenas del ayer como un cometa
Si entiendes estas palabras eres
Diles que fui todo y mas, desamparado,
pero que onda? te veo igual-
Vasta con tus pendejadas, la cara en
el espejo eres voz; desendiente de
Los Omec...
Vuelo sin alas, diles que vengo como
un profeta, como un espanto, un
sueño tormentado al descansar.
Ojos verdes son mi salvaccion, solo
un deseo!
Sigo, sigo, nunca descanso.
Diles que soy El Leon de la Selva!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

El Leon soy yo...

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(No) Summer With a Narrative

This year,
there is no summer with a narrative.
Not yet.
In days, there may
be something we might not expect.
But, not yet.
Yet, we
can still enjoy the heat.
Some times,
Most days,
we'd rather be among friends.
Some days,
we like to hear the buzzing in
our heads.
And others,
we like to hear the fussing on
your street.

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On A Positive Note

My coffee turned out
Good and strong
My tea bag isn't torn
The vodka has more
Life to it
And I don't feel much worn

I wonder where
This all will go
And which direction take
Will the day be
Good or bad
I wonder just for sake

But just the same
It seems to me
Strong thinking
Should prevail
And positive results appear
About the day entail

A way of life
This could be true
But you must be
Suffer no one's
Ill remarks
And put them much
Behind it

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Leave me

Love poems

I know I've been different lately
Hope that it doesnt make you hate me
But im on some fuck yall its me time
sometimes i just need to rewind
or slow down and think first
but you think love i think thirst
you say trust and i say lies
my mind goes against you i dont know why
and i love your sex cause your good at it
and not that prissy shit you hood at it
but the truth is that the truth hurts
sometimes we mesh but mostly we dont work
you say when it so over its over its gon hurt
we are good lovers we are great friends
so you cant leave so it cant end
but i need you, you dont need me
your the bestests so dont leave me
and i love you when im near you
but when you say it i dont hear you
and i love that you believe in me
but you dont love me you love the idea of me

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who? You? Me?

moments in time

Where do i start and how do i begin
im different to those befor you
im new to what your used to
i cant begin to explain how i work
cause thats a mistery to even me
i ask to bare with it and stick it out till
the end
i dont know if you can or even want too
i sit here not knowing and it kills me
is this the day that different feels
old and out dated
is walking the straight line and singing
the same tune something your happy with
i can only be who i am and no one else
otherwise id be living a lie!
Today tomorrow always me

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Thin is the thing,
Thick though it appears,
An issue without a tissue
Trails the vein with a tickle.

What is it that tickles,
Wanting attention to fiddle?
It’s the thin thing of life,
Lying saliently at the tip,
Its worth insidiously exaggerated.

To the thin issue of life I refer,
To ignore I rather not prefer,
And to exaggerate I won’t proffer,
Yet its light nature is a pressure,
Deep seated at the heart of pleasure,
And its effect without a measure.

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