love lost

Grasp My Heart

Show me the lights that bring you peace
I'm forever falling
Your hand so cold in mine
Grasp my heart
I'm calling, yelling, screaming
But you don't hear me do you?
This mirror seperating us
Your heavy breathing blurring my escape
Show me the lights that bring you peace
I'm forever drowning
Your lips so cold against mine
Grasp my heart
I'm addicted to dying in your arms
I love the way your cold words pierce my soul
This wall of ice that you build
Can't hold me back
Show me the lights that bring you peace
I'm forever wandering
Your cold body pressed to mine in a helpless embrace
Grasp my heart...
Then maybe this ice will melt

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Then and now.

It was just a love story,
In all its glory,
Thats all it was,
And even coz,
We didnt know it,
It took a bit,
Of our heart,
Lets remove the dart,
That did tear,
It apart to bare,
All that we were,
Lets not stir,
It all up again,
Let's use the pen,
And rewrite the past,
We didn't last,
But I've moved on,
I've found a swan,
That's all mine,
And we shine,
Like you and I never,
Did nor would ever,
I'm glad we said goodbye,
You're not nearby,
Thats how I like it,
You're just a tit,
For not realising what you had,
You've got it bad,
For letting me walk away,
Me you did betray,
But thank you,
You gave me a clue,
Of what I don't need,
You fed the seed,
So my love will grow,
And now I know,
It wont ever be,
For you so agree,
To leave me alone,
I know you'll moan,
Saying I want you back,
Ha what a crack,
Get over it,
Stay in the pit,
That is your life,
Look for a wife,
That'll treat you right,
That shines in the night,
Make sure it's true,
You're overdue,
For the one to come,
When you see them,
I promise you'll know,
Go with the flow,
Like I am now,
And just allow,
Life to lead,
And just read,
All the signs,
Write the lines,
Let it unfold,
Don't be so cold,
Just have fun,
There in the sun,
Our love story's deffantly over,
We didn't have a 3 leafed clover,
To see us through,
I'll always love you,
But we're through,
Now and forever,
To be for never.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yer a poem about my other half and my ex who I only split up with a few months ago.

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Broken Heart

The old man lay in the hospital bed
eyes stareing,opened wide.
If you did'nt see his breathing
you would have thought that he had died.

The doctor ask him what was wrong
we need a place to start.
The old man took a trembling hand
and placed it on his heart.

The old man looked at the doctor
and said my pain is real.
There is no test you can run
that will show just how I feel.

You see I lost the one I love
the love of my life.
I lay here with deep regreats
I never made that love my wife.

There are things you can live with
and things you cant live without.
But the most shattering thing to happen
is to lose the love of your life.

All the doctor could do was stand there
as the old man closed his eyes.
And the last breath left the old mans body
and from a broken heart the old man died.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Loving A Sociopath

It was one of those experiences that hurt so much it's difficult to comprehend or place in the mind. You become confused where to store it ;so, naturally, it pops up at the most random and unexplainable times. A reminder of this burning, paralyzing heartache that refuses to make sense no matter how many times it re-appears out of hiding. Just a reminder of how strong and fiercely I once allowed myself to love and that encompassing dull ache at the core of my being when I realize I will never allow myself to love like that again. Even when love has reappeared and begs to be allowed back in, I cannot budge. Romantic love now eludes me. I have lost my faith in a feeling once so prominent and intoxicating. And he, my executioner, receives the attention, for being the lover who deceived.

This permanent scar,
imprisons me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just writing how I felt at the moment. No structure really, just raw emotion.

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joy ~ with thin strips of pain
when my lover calls my name
hold me close but stay away
and leave my heart alone

sunshine filled with shadowed clouds
my heart is no longer proud
i scream your name but not out loud
since your time is not mine

if i go or if you stay
silent in this deadly game
will smiling take away the pain
or hide it from the truth ...

a truth that we no longer see
because it's mixed with fantasy
and what's left now is disbelief
in things that were not there.

© Debbie Finlay 


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No question

"Is it better or worse?"

Question often asked of myself.

Inevitably of You & I.

We began, the man you envisioned is me.

While i`m meeting Ms.Perfect in you.

Pinched myself compulsive.

Dreaming not, only true.

Hind sight clears perception.

Without worse, there is no better.

Stated not a question

You and I, antithesis of the other.

Parallel path's, fiction.

Love the lone tangible.

Equipping us blinders .

Your world i lack morals.

Mine insist to differ.
New lovers far from plural.

Conception of separate thinking.

Constructing our future with ease.

Voided any notion.

Foundation lays cracked.

Hidden with passion and attraction.

All else simple to deny.

Pressure and doubt are born.

Our forever just beginning.

Myself starts to die.

As the road forms a path with twists and turns.

New feelings of doubt, now fear is felt.

Doubting only me, never our forever.

Even as blind spots become clear.

"The next year will be a good one."

A question turns to theme.

"Better arriving soon, worse is the past."

Negativity now mature.

I knew your controlling ways would end.

Gain your trust someday.

As you hope my decisions improve from bad.

Confidence gone, myself slips away.

With the energy and strength our bond was created.

Fueled by each with dis-trust.

A cracked foundation proves it`s worth.

Suddenly without avoidance.

It Fell!


Love expired, reason unknown.

Leaving forever, mine alone.

Shock my only emotion.

Emptiness accompanies my new start.

Had forever, you, everything.

Left with a question's, and shattered heart.

Feelings felt during a perfect first kiss.

Unnatural fall from loved now avoided.

Farthest depths of low.

I`m now forgotten, as i was to myself.

But with some trust rebuilt of mine

Slowly myself returns intact.

Our answer there the whole time.

Realizing question`s each had of the other.

"Is it getting better or worse?"

We expected the other to make things better.

Placing blame to each for the worse.

Thoughts of better individual.

Togetherness an vital source.

For our bond to have survived.

Actions made as one.

The script then would differ.

If answers formed together.

Fate offered an ending.

"For better and worse."

Death our only parting option.

Two "I do`s" and moments forever.

A Solo path a cancer.

Mending no option.

Killed by a question with no answer

Bond severed.

No question.

Phil Getsinger

May 1st, 2012

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The Red Lights

The Red Lights
by: Joel Faypon
September 27, 2002

Once you wrapped me around
      the sheets of your pleasantries
A naive girl stranger to the world
     and its toils
I showed you the real world
     but it didnt come to you
     as a shock
You saw it more like a wonder
Life and love and their
     ill fated meanings
Sin and consequence -
     guilt and new beginnings

The first moment we kissed
     lingers so much like pain
It never dived down to oblivion
How can you forget the sight of
     a placid sunset sinking in
     a raging sea?
You cannot - for it is meant to be
     an eternal memory

We kissed before every red light
      we came across
And along with it - we wished
     that the light remained red forever
But forever - like being human
     is overated
And that is what you taught me -
Be blind to everything and just feel
Just feel and be innocently happy

But now you're slipping away
I regret chosing to be a drifter
I realized it late that when I drift -
     the ones that I care about
     may one day drift away from me

It is more painful now
      knowing that I have loved
I shed more blood when
     you tell me that I'm loved
The cut gets deeper when
     you wish for all my love
And its death in itself knowing 
     that I'm going to  lose that love....

-september 27 02-

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