Loving A Sociopath

It was one of those experiences that hurt so much it's difficult to comprehend or place in the mind. You become confused where to store it ;so, naturally, it pops up at the most random and unexplainable times. A reminder of this burning, paralyzing heartache that refuses to make sense no matter how many times it re-appears out of hiding. Just a reminder of how strong and fiercely I once allowed myself to love and that encompassing dull ache at the core of my being when I realize I will never allow myself to love like that again. Even when love has reappeared and begs to be allowed back in, I cannot budge. Romantic love now eludes me. I have lost my faith in a feeling once so prominent and intoxicating. And he, my executioner, receives the attention, for being the lover who deceived.

This permanent scar,
imprisons me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just writing how I felt at the moment. No structure really, just raw emotion.

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