Broken Heart

The old man lay in the hospital bed
eyes stareing,opened wide.
If you did'nt see his breathing
you would have thought that he had died.

The doctor ask him what was wrong
we need a place to start.
The old man took a trembling hand
and placed it on his heart.

The old man looked at the doctor
and said my pain is real.
There is no test you can run
that will show just how I feel.

You see I lost the one I love
the love of my life.
I lay here with deep regreats
I never made that love my wife.

There are things you can live with
and things you cant live without.
But the most shattering thing to happen
is to lose the love of your life.

All the doctor could do was stand there
as the old man closed his eyes.
And the last breath left the old mans body
and from a broken heart the old man died.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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