Then and now.

It was just a love story,
In all its glory,
Thats all it was,
And even coz,
We didnt know it,
It took a bit,
Of our heart,
Lets remove the dart,
That did tear,
It apart to bare,
All that we were,
Lets not stir,
It all up again,
Let's use the pen,
And rewrite the past,
We didn't last,
But I've moved on,
I've found a swan,
That's all mine,
And we shine,
Like you and I never,
Did nor would ever,
I'm glad we said goodbye,
You're not nearby,
Thats how I like it,
You're just a tit,
For not realising what you had,
You've got it bad,
For letting me walk away,
Me you did betray,
But thank you,
You gave me a clue,
Of what I don't need,
You fed the seed,
So my love will grow,
And now I know,
It wont ever be,
For you so agree,
To leave me alone,
I know you'll moan,
Saying I want you back,
Ha what a crack,
Get over it,
Stay in the pit,
That is your life,
Look for a wife,
That'll treat you right,
That shines in the night,
Make sure it's true,
You're overdue,
For the one to come,
When you see them,
I promise you'll know,
Go with the flow,
Like I am now,
And just allow,
Life to lead,
And just read,
All the signs,
Write the lines,
Let it unfold,
Don't be so cold,
Just have fun,
There in the sun,
Our love story's deffantly over,
We didn't have a 3 leafed clover,
To see us through,
I'll always love you,
But we're through,
Now and forever,
To be for never.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yer a poem about my other half and my ex who I only split up with a few months ago.

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