divine and mystical love of God


Day comes and day goes,
My faith and love for God grow,
I love Him -- He knows,
The Light of Love glows.

He blesses me daily,
I sin by forgetting Him,
Yet He forgives me.

My Lord God Allah,
He loves me I know,
In Him I put my trust,
In His Light I glow.

O poet friends with hearts,
And keen observing minds,
See the beauty of the flowers,
And each seed that parts.

Look up at the sky,
And try to find its finite end,
Your gaze will get tired,
As if it's a fly.

Ponder on the seasons,
Reflect on your own distinct self,
Mull on creation,
You will find the One.

The One Lord God, True,
The Light of all worlds,
Beyond vision He,
Lives in loving hearts.


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In the Tavern of Love I am never alone, 
Even though a heartache still clings on, 
As the Light of Allah bathes my soul, 
I yearn to return to Eden -- my home! 

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At dawn, when most of the world, is asleep,
An angel of Allah whispered from the 'deep',
"God's loved ones bask in His Light,
That's why 'prayer' is better than 'sleep''.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

DAWN PRAYER: The first prayer of the Muslims, before sunrise, at the crack of dawn each day -- they are reminded via the azaan (Call to prayer from mosques) that "Prayer is better than sleep".

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introduction to, "THIS OLDE MAN"

"sometimes we get broken in our spirits and we end up walking down the wrong road for 14 years and get off
track with God which causes him to put our soul back in Kindergarten but its better then being kicked out altogether.
at first i was embarrassed but no point in being grown acting like a child if no one benefits from it.
took me awhile to accept the fact that-people aren't different in God's eyes, we are all just
communicating on different levels with him and sometimes it looks like some of our inner beauty is
missing but maybe its just stuck in slow motion and we need God's help to strengthen that piece before
letting it out."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

accepting heaven's divine love steadily day by day.


Grey and black
Come and go each day
And the blue too hides often.

Smoky haze
blocks the stairway
And the glimpse into Heaven.

I am here
On a timed sojourn
My real home is far away.

Donna says
I am ruled by Mars
And Pluto and Jupiter.

I tell her
I am ruled by God
The one who rules everyone.

Fate is known
Only to its writer
And He is God Almighty.

Men of faith
And women of faith
Are rulers of their destinies.

For God is
Always their best guide
And Joseph* proved this neatly.

Prayers can
Work great miracles
As history and scriptures tell.

Men of God
And women of God
Are above planets and stars.

Faith in God
And worshiping Him
Is the key to true success.

I too know
How to read the lines
Etched on palms deep and frail.

But I say
Belief in God is
Better than consulting stars.

Caesar fell
To conspirators
Despite the soothsayer's warnings.

If only he
Had believed in God
And prayed -- he would have been saved.

God is great
He is the greatest
So let us love and worship Him.

For worship is
As I said before
The highest form of true love.

This love is
Divine and so bright
That all other loves are dim.

It shines in
All those hearts and minds
Which love to worship only God.

Darwin lied
He linked us to apes
And degraded our dignity.

Others too lie
Almost every day
Trust no one but God alone.

Is created for us
And the Creator loves us most.

So let us
Turn to Him alone
And prove that we love Him too.

Then the stars
And one's destiny
Will be in our control too.

Sky reveals
The Creator and
The creation distinctly.

God alone
Can change destiny
So I would rather worship Him.

When I kneel
And prostrate to Him
I feel I am in Heaven.

With God's Light
The universe glows
So let's believe and worship Him.

What is good?
To worship our God
Or to bow to soothsayers?

Even the stars
Worship Him alone
Why then should we fool ourselves?

The rose scent
Is the sweetest of all
And so is my love for God.

And one day
God will prove the truth
By blessing me immensely.

I mock stars
And everything else
For I love my Almighty.

It's the faith
Which matters the most
And false beliefs are just myths.

The Bible
And the Qur'an too
Proclaim this truth quite clearly.

Jesus said
"Worship the Father"
As even he worshiped Him.

Moses too
After Abraham
Worshiped none but God alone.

Truth conquers
And removes falsehood
So worship God and none else.

This is truth
All else is falsehood
And is bound to perish soon.

For when truth
Comes ...falsehood takes flight
This is revealed by history.

Pure, pristine,
Is worship of God
No one else deserves the most.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Joseph: The son of Prophet Jacob whose life story as mentioned in the Bible and the Qur'an reveal that men of God are masters of their destinies.
The names of other prophets like Moses, Abraham and Jesus are also historically true and proved by facts in time. They link the three major religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity and Islam...the world's leading monotheistic faiths...of which Islam is the purest in essence and spirit and its stress on the glory of believing in only the One true God and worshiping Him only.

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Something New

Wrapped up in a galaxy of stars that was formed by your breath.
I am only the reflection of the sun against warm glass.
Every word you speak is tiring,
so much effort to think there's any point to anything.
All I want to know is the light point in your eyes.
So teach me something new kus I've seen it all a million times.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Human Design revealed to me so much truth within. Its like everyday is a new discovery of true self. Another present to opened and revealed from within me :) another gift I was not aware of until that present moment :) love.


"I saw my Lord with the Eye of my heart,
And I said: Truly there is no doubt that it is You.
It is You that I see in everything;
And I do not see You through anything (but You).
You are the One Who owns all places.
And yet no place is You.
And if there were a place given by You for the place,
That place would know where You are.
And if there were an imagination for the imagining of You.
That imagination would know where You are.
I understand everything, and everything that I see
In my annihilation is You.
My Lord, bless me and forgive me,
For I seek no one but You."
By Mansoor Al Hallaj.*

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*MANSOOR AL HALLAJ: Husayn bin Mansoor Al Hallaj was a divine sufi (Muslim mystic) of the ninth century of the Christian Era. He was also a gifted Persian poet.

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