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Baby sister Poems

You were my whole world,
my adorable baby sister.
You were able, even at one,
to lift me up when I fell low.

But you had to battle
with your horrible cancer.
And, unfortunately,
you were unable to defeat it.

I had, somehow, known
that you were going to die soon.
But there was no way of knowing,
when you would lose your battle.

Mom was at the hospital with you,
on the day that you died.
But I was at school,
and didn't get to see you off.

I was told about your death,
later on that night.
But I wasn't able
to say goodbye.

You're my baby,
my baby sister Jessica.
You left the world too soon,
without saying goodbye to me.

I still, to this day,
regret that I was too young,
too young to understand
that you would not be back.

I didn't get to say goodbye,
and now it feels like it's too late,
that I'd rather have said goodbye
while I was by your side.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem that I wrote about never getting to say goodbye to my baby sister, Jessica.
She was one years old when she died from a cancer that the doctors didn't know how to treat.
The medicines that they gave her, if they worked, only worked for a little while.
I miss my little sister, and with that I had been able to have more time in this world with her.
I love you Jessica, and wish that I could have said goodbye.

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Then and now.

It was just a love story,
In all its glory,
Thats all it was,
And even coz,
We didnt know it,
It took a bit,
Of our heart,
Lets remove the dart,
That did tear,
It apart to bare,
All that we were,
Lets not stir,
It all up again,
Let's use the pen,
And rewrite the past,
We didn't last,
But I've moved on,
I've found a swan,
That's all mine,
And we shine,
Like you and I never,
Did nor would ever,
I'm glad we said goodbye,
You're not nearby,
Thats how I like it,
You're just a tit,
For not realising what you had,
You've got it bad,
For letting me walk away,
Me you did betray,
But thank you,
You gave me a clue,
Of what I don't need,
You fed the seed,
So my love will grow,
And now I know,
It wont ever be,
For you so agree,
To leave me alone,
I know you'll moan,
Saying I want you back,
Ha what a crack,
Get over it,
Stay in the pit,
That is your life,
Look for a wife,
That'll treat you right,
That shines in the night,
Make sure it's true,
You're overdue,
For the one to come,
When you see them,
I promise you'll know,
Go with the flow,
Like I am now,
And just allow,
Life to lead,
And just read,
All the signs,
Write the lines,
Let it unfold,
Don't be so cold,
Just have fun,
There in the sun,
Our love story's deffantly over,
We didn't have a 3 leafed clover,
To see us through,
I'll always love you,
But we're through,
Now and forever,
To be for never.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yer a poem about my other half and my ex who I only split up with a few months ago.

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A year or two won’t be enough

To think of all the memories that we have

Your smile, laughter, everything I love

It will always remain on my mind and heart

Among others you will always be the best

You won’t be forgotten whether I go to North or West

Sorrow fills our heart as you laid there to rest

We knew all along you’ve been on a tough test

No doubt, you are beautiful in and out

Even when your lips pout

You are still cute everytime you shout

And you never failed to put a smile on my mouth

May this message reach you there in heaven

I want you to know you’re one of my safest haven

You are now in God’s hand but will never be forgotten

You will always be my SIS no matter what happen…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

**A poem dedicated to my SIS/bestfriend, written during her wake T.T**

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