No question

"Is it better or worse?"

Question often asked of myself.

Inevitably of You & I.

We began, the man you envisioned is me.

While i`m meeting Ms.Perfect in you.

Pinched myself compulsive.

Dreaming not, only true.

Hind sight clears perception.

Without worse, there is no better.

Stated not a question

You and I, antithesis of the other.

Parallel path's, fiction.

Love the lone tangible.

Equipping us blinders .

Your world i lack morals.

Mine insist to differ.
New lovers far from plural.

Conception of separate thinking.

Constructing our future with ease.

Voided any notion.

Foundation lays cracked.

Hidden with passion and attraction.

All else simple to deny.

Pressure and doubt are born.

Our forever just beginning.

Myself starts to die.

As the road forms a path with twists and turns.

New feelings of doubt, now fear is felt.

Doubting only me, never our forever.

Even as blind spots become clear.

"The next year will be a good one."

A question turns to theme.

"Better arriving soon, worse is the past."

Negativity now mature.

I knew your controlling ways would end.

Gain your trust someday.

As you hope my decisions improve from bad.

Confidence gone, myself slips away.

With the energy and strength our bond was created.

Fueled by each with dis-trust.

A cracked foundation proves it`s worth.

Suddenly without avoidance.

It Fell!


Love expired, reason unknown.

Leaving forever, mine alone.

Shock my only emotion.

Emptiness accompanies my new start.

Had forever, you, everything.

Left with a question's, and shattered heart.

Feelings felt during a perfect first kiss.

Unnatural fall from loved now avoided.

Farthest depths of low.

I`m now forgotten, as i was to myself.

But with some trust rebuilt of mine

Slowly myself returns intact.

Our answer there the whole time.

Realizing question`s each had of the other.

"Is it getting better or worse?"

We expected the other to make things better.

Placing blame to each for the worse.

Thoughts of better individual.

Togetherness an vital source.

For our bond to have survived.

Actions made as one.

The script then would differ.

If answers formed together.

Fate offered an ending.

"For better and worse."

Death our only parting option.

Two "I do`s" and moments forever.

A Solo path a cancer.

Mending no option.

Killed by a question with no answer

Bond severed.

No question.

Phil Getsinger

May 1st, 2012

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