right living

Its my life!!!

Most of us screech it loud,
“Its my life” to move away from some dark cloud!

We want to live with freedom,
We want to do things using our own wisdom!

Every time someone speaks a word that is not in our favor
We are angry, disgusted and our goodness turns to a waiver!

We want to do and hear only what we say,
As the words “Its my life” are stuck with every brain ray!

If you say I take full ownership of all my actions,
Then your actions should always carry positive reactions!

When I say “Its my life”, the life measures that are shown are very narrow,
I start building for myself huge amount of sorrow….

Change you’re thought from “Its my life”, to I am focused on a goal,
I am here to give smiles to many people, spread joy and make my life whole!

We just think all the time, what am I going to get?
We Dream for a big career, that’s the desire we want to set!

You have been given a chance to be born human,
Work on humanity to be among the few men!

If you imbibe on humanity today,
The world will become very beautiful to stay….

Decide now! To make this world a wonderful place,
To fill the world with love irrespective of caste and race!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its a great thought process that can bring a revolutionary change to life!

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