breathing now
breathing in & out of time –
breathing fast
slowly as the hour winds
down –
breathing deep
into the soulless corridor
where the quiet reigns –
breathing still
in the aftermath of pain, the delusion of tragedy –
breathing out, then in
and out again as the minutes chime
and the day is ending –
breathe now
as you enter the light
& the mystical journey of life
begins. . .
then breathe
as you in enter in

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From my unpublished collection called 'A Place Called Time.'

Dream Big


please, chase your fate
  and do be brave
as though it is
   the latest step
that you can take
   on here and there
because it's fair
   and you may dare...
the life is story of some soul
  and audacity of men
   who had once dared to
   chase their fate
 will speak for them
  and will inspire
 the other mate to hit the gate...
the gate is way to catch
  the light
which grant you wings
  and ease the strain
so that the life becomes
 your aim to feel the joy
to love your friends
  and day by day
    to chase your fate...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shumakho Kumykov.

Feel free to comment and criticize. 


I am not native, so don't be strict wink

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The False Light

A question of life,
What lies ahead,
what gnarled path have you taken,
and does it entwine with mine?

Eliminate the false world,
the lightning colours,
the morning dawn at night,
the stars held by clueless fingers,
gaping at their light.

What is left is only natural,
what is left is what we've been given,
the skies of galore, of splendor and wonder,
the Utopia you've killed
with all this false light.

Are those the hands that killed our world?
Do you walk with guilty steps?
When have you forgiven yourself,
when will those doubts be lifted,
do you know where your soul lies?

Lay down the golden coffins
that line the melted stones,
chop the trees glowing bright
with cold, metal trunks
and barren fruitless branches.
I can't see the world
through all this false light.

A question of what if,
a world with no greed,
no need for paper leaves,
no need for metal pebbles,
a world of no divisions,
don't need no white-lines.

Criss-cross, our paths entwined,
what I've dreamed and what I've lived.
Slink together, stick like sap,
I know it's there,
hidden by foul-scented fog
and flattened, melted rocks.
I know it's there
through all that false light.

It stings my eyes, tramples my vision,
the stars can be seen no more.
The grass is brown,
the river's black,
the trees fall down,
a sickening crack.

A question of truth,
I cannot fathom 
what your minds are like,
what beehive buzzes inside,
why you must create
and destroy and destroy,
only to your benefit.

Are those eyes
or hollow specks,
dotting the line of your face,
or is that you?
Is that anyone?
I'm blinded by the light.

What have you done
to this once wonderful place,
an Eden of abundance and beauty.
Have you masked your strange eyes?

I do know about Eden,
all of us do, we speak the same tung,
the tung you've forgotten.
Where are your heads?
Must you stand up so tall?

Stop! What have you done?
Where is my home?
Where is my family?
Traded for more paper leaves,
given to the endless cages,
fed with slaughtered rabbits
you never gave thanks for.

I can take no more!
I can't see the stars!
The moon's a mask of gloom and pain,
I don't know what you had to gain,
the fog just swarms and swirls.

What are you, exactly?
Where are you?
Why do you make us follow you so?
Why must we follow?
Where are your packs?

Stop the ache that pounds my head!
Destroy the fog that masks your scent!
Drop down and face us,
you can still save it all!
Let my lonely howl ring out,
my eyes are stinging,
my legs are weak,
you've taken far too much
when all I ask is please....


eliminate the false light.

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Shining Light of Gloomly Joy

The gloom of my heart has a heavy burden

Locked in my chest with no key.

I feel almost a loss for myself

Selfishness expands from my body

Through the tips of my toes to the ends of my hair

No reason, every reason for this emotion

All I want is to expel this error

To blow it away from me forever.

To have her all to me

In my little cacoon forever

No one able to touch her

To see her or

Even hear her.

Ridicilous I know.

My burden is selfish

Although not completely.

My daughter is my light

From me she came

And from her my gloom will shine



Sherry B

Sept. 14/09

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Wherever You Lead

Ugonna Wachuku


The end of the day is drawing near.

The end of dreams and hope is winding

its weary way down green mountain slopes

and lush country-sides.  


There is a windy wave painting patterns

and rainbows on the cute canvas of my

soul. There are birds singing a dirge

for new hope in life.  


With the fresh fragrance of that dewy

despair in your simple soul, you flower

fleeing gardens in the deeper me.

There are bleak roads and bountiful



There are dreams, realities and riddles 

and hope. There are longings and

age-long yearnings.  


Your heart is beating fast.

Mine is beating fast too 

on this trying journey called



Mountains and hills stand tall;

rising so high to kiss the sky's

blue-grey lips. Windows and shadows

open before this road that I have to

take. There are dreams, riddles and

brilliant blossoming hope. 


I ponder at that tasty aroma from the

sweet despair in your simple soul:

Sometimes, it seems all dark.

Somedays, it feels all lost.  


Somehow, it echoes hopelessness.

Somewhere, it shows a world in

hatred; a planet in conflict with

the inspirational breath of her own



Now, it really feels all dark.

Yet, there is a smiling sea of 

love in every human heart: 


I am the light of the world 

on so hopeful hills and 

towering mountain tops. 


There is a life-giving well in

the sea of empty hearts.

There is love and emerald in

your weary eyes.  


Even when they wish you dead,

there are doors to life on

the welcoming threshold of

heaven's lush country-side.  


I know: because, I've been there.

There are new roads of opportunity

and dreams to follow.


There are welcoming nightingales

and caring angels on this avenue

to life and hope, inspiring.  


There are waterfalls and rivers of

love wherever you lead. Wherever

you lead, there are guiding stars

and soothing sea waves on

the blessed beach.


There is peace. There is

joy. There is truth.

There is life - wherever

you lead.  


Wherever you lead:

My heaven's love.

My life.

My saving lamb,

wherever you lead,

I will follow.  


Take my little,

feeble hand.

Take my hungry



Lead me to your

well of life and

hope because there

are smiling handsome

hawks swooping in on

the landscape of my

pleading soul.  


Let me not see these

tall mountains and

howling hills. Be in

my small head.

Let me cast my cares

and burdens on you.

Take my little hand.

Wherever you lead:

I will follow. 


Take my worries.

Take my little,

feeble hand.

I am nothing.

I am empty.

Take my







( )






Wherever You Lead 

~ Critiques/Comments ~ 


Cathy Choffin

Wow! What a wonderfully written testimony. Your every word mirrors my own life, and relationship.  From the very first stanza to the last word, I felt your want to follow. To break free of the hold life so tightly grips on us.  Great poem. Truely blessed am I to have read it.  



Dewey Davis 

...a smiling sea of love/in every human heart.. That line, in the heart of this poem, is one of the lines of poetry that one tends to remember forever. This poem put me in a lovely, peaceful place. I can imagine myself inside the beautiful landscape you describe. Definitely, a tremendous sense of inner peace can be found in this poem. Thank you for sharing this.  


Teresa Jacobs

My friend you make me feel good. You paint such beautiful pictures with your words. I am awe struck at the brilliance of this poem. It's meaning is universal. Oh so beautiful is this poem. I must read this poem many times and soak-up the beauty of it's message. Thank you. You are wonderful.  


Robin Schmidt

Well done Ugonna, this is my favorite, of all of your works, and I do like them all. This one simply captured me, it's amazing! Great job! I love it!! It paints a beautiful picture in my mind, that this poem deserves a second and a third read if not more. I have to refer my friend to this poem and to the rest of your brilliant pieces, for I know she too will be swept away by this wonderful masterpiece. Thank you!! Peace and much love to you! 

Yours truly,  

Robin aka Starlite_angel

2002-02-26 15:39:22 


Lesa Gay

Dear Ugona,  

Whenever I get the chance to come and visit you, I leave in awe at the mastery of your words. Such beautiful images you paint and what great truths you leave us with to ponder. 






2003-02-04 03:28:41 


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