The False Light

A question of life,
What lies ahead,
what gnarled path have you taken,
and does it entwine with mine?

Eliminate the false world,
the lightning colours,
the morning dawn at night,
the stars held by clueless fingers,
gaping at their light.

What is left is only natural,
what is left is what we've been given,
the skies of galore, of splendor and wonder,
the Utopia you've killed
with all this false light.

Are those the hands that killed our world?
Do you walk with guilty steps?
When have you forgiven yourself,
when will those doubts be lifted,
do you know where your soul lies?

Lay down the golden coffins
that line the melted stones,
chop the trees glowing bright
with cold, metal trunks
and barren fruitless branches.
I can't see the world
through all this false light.

A question of what if,
a world with no greed,
no need for paper leaves,
no need for metal pebbles,
a world of no divisions,
don't need no white-lines.

Criss-cross, our paths entwined,
what I've dreamed and what I've lived.
Slink together, stick like sap,
I know it's there,
hidden by foul-scented fog
and flattened, melted rocks.
I know it's there
through all that false light.

It stings my eyes, tramples my vision,
the stars can be seen no more.
The grass is brown,
the river's black,
the trees fall down,
a sickening crack.

A question of truth,
I cannot fathom 
what your minds are like,
what beehive buzzes inside,
why you must create
and destroy and destroy,
only to your benefit.

Are those eyes
or hollow specks,
dotting the line of your face,
or is that you?
Is that anyone?
I'm blinded by the light.

What have you done
to this once wonderful place,
an Eden of abundance and beauty.
Have you masked your strange eyes?

I do know about Eden,
all of us do, we speak the same tung,
the tung you've forgotten.
Where are your heads?
Must you stand up so tall?

Stop! What have you done?
Where is my home?
Where is my family?
Traded for more paper leaves,
given to the endless cages,
fed with slaughtered rabbits
you never gave thanks for.

I can take no more!
I can't see the stars!
The moon's a mask of gloom and pain,
I don't know what you had to gain,
the fog just swarms and swirls.

What are you, exactly?
Where are you?
Why do you make us follow you so?
Why must we follow?
Where are your packs?

Stop the ache that pounds my head!
Destroy the fog that masks your scent!
Drop down and face us,
you can still save it all!
Let my lonely howl ring out,
my eyes are stinging,
my legs are weak,
you've taken far too much
when all I ask is please....


eliminate the false light.

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Wonderfully worded

Wonderfully worded