Written in a Geneva:

Switzerland Churchyard  


Ugonna Wachuku


A dirge and epilogue is sung for me
on your fleeing island of uninterested
unavailability. The owl hoots no more
on moonlit nights of home.  


Biblical Zacchaeus and Matthew: Oh!
Little me: "pass me not O gentle
Saviour..." Green pastures abound.
My peace unbound. Your island is
so real. The bridge stands no more
on humane pathway to landscapes. Kai!
Your island is so real, daughter of
the Almighty Creator.


Pathway to landscapes: The eagle I am
must soar this new day to welcoming
mountain-tops to view, one last time,
your pathway to landscapes.


At the stroke of midnight, this blessed
new day, I will depart your island of
unavailability; and sail for the high
seas. My smiling ship is created. The
wind from others beckons. Pines of home
whistle. The rainbow awaits. My simple
ship is set to sail; and I must bid you
farewell in God's care. I invite thee
no more on earthly footpaths. Oh!
Epitaph! This Epitaph! Would that
I wrote thee not; or perhaps
forgotten my lines on this
strange stage through life.


Heaven's gardens: Remember, when we
finally meet there, I am  the bald
Eagle that tarried for years on your
unfeeling island of unavailability :-
made whole with heavenly bounties in
His soul saving bossom.


AH! Epitaph! This farewell! This glad
dirge sung for me! This epilogue! Oh!
Little me. The owl hoots no more on
moonlit nights of home because this
glad dirge is sung. This emerald
epitaph all for you to set me freeee!
Heaven's gardens and meadow sea
shores. I set sail at midnight


A Perfect Guy

closet boxes 2002

People always ask me

just who is my perfect man

I try so hard to tell them

but I do not think I can.

I can't say that i've found him yet

or what he would be like

sweet, preppy and innocent

or scary with long spikes.

All I know is your not him

how could you ever be

no matter what you try to say

you have never known me.

I guess I do love green eyes most

with silky chestnut hair

with lips that form a smile

everytime he knows i'm there.

Charming and quick-witted

someone to challenge me

that see's he has to love me

because I do not come for free.

Tender and good hearted

cares about more then just himself

who knows that love is all we need

not any type of wealth.

But these are just ideas

though this isn't what I see

I just want someone who is special

that will love me for me.

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selling my soul...


Take this as prayer

Take me as yours

I give you forever

If you'll settle this score

I think you owe me,

Yes, I think you do

Just give me this moment

And I'll belong to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for the 50th time.

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A picture of words

You got to look to listen

you got to see to hear

with a vision so blurry

the picture remains clear.

I see my place to stand

and it seems so far away.

you put me in this place

with not a chance to say

the words you need to hear

the words that never fade.

the words that bring the smiles

to enlighten everyday.

You got to look to listen

you got to see to hear

please stand aside me

so I can see you clear.

Im much better with the words

that are locked up in my head

no need to listen

cause nothing is being said.

a chance to freeze the moment

with you and me at hand.

A dream upon reality

standing to be your man.

So hear the silence

that I speak to you.

gather your thoughs

and take a chance at something new.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Even though you cant hear nothing...dont mean nothing is being said.... "dont judge a book by its cover"

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Butterfly Wings

dreams on strings

flown by butterfly wings

covered by thoughtless bliss

trailed by happiness

shafts of light

as hopes take flight

underneath the sun

when the best is to be done

the greatest gift

can come so swift

on a dream on a string

flown by butterfly wings

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Life's messed up , what am I to do,

Its fucked up how crazy it is , what can you do?

Confusion sets in, day to day,

All people seem to be is a bunch of clay

I wake up, but soon despair,

Another day to give me stress,

All the shit is getting me pissed,

When will this fucked up shit end,

But in my mind I recall,

Soon it will end , Soon it will be no more,

Happiness will be mine one day,

No matter what others say.

She is there,

She is with me, ,

Best of all , she loves me

She has made me all I want to be,

My true self is what she helps me see,

All the messed up shit , it don't matter.

The love took all that away.

Her love hid my eyes from all the hate,

She put me in a peaceful state.

This is what I began to scream and shout :

She is there,

She is with me, ,

Best of all , she loves me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

love comes in fucked up places, but when you found someone to love...you could give a rats ass about anything else

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Chanting Birds, Flowing Fountains!



Ugonna Wachuku 



Show me the land and soul of your
dreams. Show me landscapes and
beauty in your heart. Show me new
moons and new planets. Show me
streams and rivers where lofty
life-giving water abides.


Show me the scars of the loving
Lamb of Calvary: Tell me there
is love in your heart. Tell me
you do not smile and pretend to
love when you see me. Tell me
you remember me when I am not
in your presence. Tell me you
are not a hypocrite. Tell me
your love is real and abiding.


Tell me you are not a back-bitter.
Tell me why you should be called
human. Tell me your are not wicked.
Let me know that you want me to
live, breath and survive this
journey through life.


Let me know that you respect the
colour of my skin because I have
respected yours from beckoning
beginings of time. Tell me, you
will always be there for me;
even when dark clouds gather
for storm.


Tell me that my life is worthy
to you. Let me know why you do
not see my humane worth and
dignity of the spirit. Let me
embrace your caring spring and


For once, let me see you smile.
There is no bill to pay. IRS
won't be on your neck howling.
Then, let me know your wish:


Let me be there for you. Let me
calmly take you to my beautiful
meadow land where chanting birds
give hope and peace for life -
My meadow land of the living
where chanting birds give
loving voice to fresh
flowing fountains and
creative meadow lands
for love and charming
cherishment amongst


Then, let these flowing
fountains and chanting
birds light up your day








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The Wedding.

The wedding


She has a laugh that's contagious

He has a poets heart

seranading she

As she smiles triumphantly

I've never seen a love fill a room

Reaching out,taking over every being

In the palatial setting

Where they held the ceremony

The wedding.

2 hearts absorbed into one

Summer and winter merge

Smiling eyes

and the promise of that touch

To tantalise

The lookers on

Held captive to their sensual song.

Champagne explodes as a promise

of the heaven to come

Woman flirt with the husbands they've come to know


Wanting to turn back the clock

And realise with jealous eyes

That they'll never again be the bride

Bewitching in a burnished ivory gown

Captivating every red-blooded male

The groom stands proud

Arms around

The beautiful angel who wears his crown.

Protected by a faerie ring

Where no-one ever mortal,

can ever enter or break in

This circle of love symbolised by a simple band of gold

Keeps these kindred spirits locked in its hold.

Forever bound together as a whole

2 people 1 soul

To love forever? Is that such a hard goal?

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What can I do

When all I do is think of you

My every waking hour

Keeps you on my mind

Forever is a long time

To keep you far away

How can I live

When I'm hoping

You'll say

You'll stay

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written December 17, 2001. It was written for someone that I care about but will more than likly never truly be with.

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