Between Two Thieves

There you hung upon a cross

Between two thieves you paid the cost

Shed your blood to wash away my sins

For the joy that we'd someday be friends

What else can I do?

But follow You…

You came to earth to make a way

To save the lost and lead the stray

You knew the pain you'd have to face

But because you loved me, You died in my place

Your great sacrifice

Has saved my life

What can I do, to worship You

and please the Father above?

And with a voice, full of love

You whisper gently to me

"Faith is all You need.

Tell the world of what's been done,

Tell them of my Son."

So come to Jesus and be free

He gave his life for you and me

He is always faithful and always true

He'll give you peace you never knew.

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Sara Shields's picture

It takes great courage to write ones like these and post them on the internet. I really like this one, I question myslef and god the same way when I gave my life back to god.
Keep up the good work