"My Only Fear is Her Only Hope"

by Jeph Johnson


I guaranteed no one
would love her more
and she knew it was true.
my only fear
is her only hope;
someone loving her better

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Nature Around Us

I watch the absolute beauty

of the single crimson

Maple leaf.

As it looses hold

and floats slowly

to the ground

to cover the earth.

Protecting and muffling

the sounds of the gunfire,

the bombs,

the screams.

Gives me hope

in God’s  power and  

strength .

Hope for our future.

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The Piper


Is this all just a test?

Does every minute count?

Time is moving too fast.

  At best right now,

I can break even.

There is not any more time left.

But breaking even

won’t be enough!

I will still owe much

to the piper.


my slate is wiped clean

in His Precious Blood.

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Nothing is genuine ,

Here, on Earth.

It won’t ever endure.

The rust, tarnish,

And decay

are ever present.

So I do not value

any of these trinkets,

I accumulate along the way.

I hope for real jewels

in my future

that time will not alter,

damage or turn.

Tis faith alone that I go on,

for these treasures,

I cannot see.

But all the same

I hope they are there

waiting for me.

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Moving On

Moving on to a new experience and life,

thinking about new trouble and stife.

Meeting new people, experiencing new things,

this is all of what life can bring.

Dear Lord, Am I ready, am I set?

Can I handle everything that I get?

Help me and give me strength.

Then I can get through the length.

Thank you Lord, for listening to me.

Thank you Lord, for letting me see.

That moving on is thing we all have to do,

Thank you Lord for that most important clue.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem could fit anyone who is moving on to a new life at college, a new house, etc. Written in 1999.

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From The Heart


I have found you

at long last.

Your heart beats

In rhythm

with mine.

Our souls

Become One

with the  universe.

The moon,

sun and stars

Our silent witness

To the deep love

we share for all eternity.

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True Love

From The Heart

True Love

I never knew what true love was,

Till I met you.

You are truly unselfish

In your own needs.

You sought only my comfort

and peace of mind,

Through you needed more from me.

You patiently waited

till I made up my mind,

even though, your need to be with me

was never completely satisfied.

You softly led me,

in the direction I needed to go.

But you never pushed.

You always knew that true love

needed to be freely given

not demanded.

You let go,

when I needed space,

you pulled me close,

when I needed strength.

You gave so freely and took so little.

You knew my mind and heart

were scared, and needed time.

You still wait patiently,

in the shadows,

for me to come to you.

You know that’s where I belong.


in your loving embrace.

Let it be,

because you have wished for it.

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The cool breeze flows

across the tranquil blue waters.

Hardly a ripple does it make.

The translucent sky is reflected

in the mirror.

Birds soar effortlessly above

On the wind’s current.

So absolutely free to glide,

wherever the wind takes them.

Oh, how I wish

to ride

High upon the wind.

To soar across the blue waters,

The blue ridge mountains.

But alas I am shackled

Here to the pier

of my own making

For all eternity.


the breath of the wind

should just carry me off

To the exotic places

I dream of visiting.

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The Winter Season

The days that

Get so cold,

Really cheerful

Young and old

I sit and look

and wait for snow

In Florida there

Is none though.

I make that wish

Every single year

And when it does

The only thing shed

Will be a tear

So all I have

always wanted

will one day come

and that will be flaunted!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is a poem that i just wrote for my english class! 12-14-01

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