Heart of Hearing


In a wilderness wandering, lost and forlorn,

the fabric of one’s heart, can often be torn.

But in the midst of the tearing, God still tends,

To make the heart stronger, at the places he mends.

(c) Bart Breen

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A simple poem written early.

Greeting card material, but honest enough at the time.

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I Hope

I hope that our love will bring us back together.

I hope we are still meant to be.

My heart yearns to be with him again.

I hope he would hold me again and never let go this time.

I hope we can go back to the way we used to be

Before the break up.

I hope we will be together forever like we planned.

Oh, how much I hope to be with him.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written in 1998 after my first love and I broke up.  So far to date that hope never came true but I am happy with my new life.  I will always love him though.

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Another Day

Another day

another page

another day

of angry rage

another day

another week

another day

to feel alone and bleak

another day

another year

another day

to feel anguish and fear

another day

to heal my soul

Today is the day

I gain control

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A Simple Smile

That smile that you gave me

It mattered

It put me back together

After I was shattered

The small effort you made

Meant so much to me

Just a little smile

That set my spirit free

I was waiting for a person

To know that I exist

The happiness that gave me

I could not resist

I see a lonely one

filled with silence too

I'll smile at her

And hope to be like you

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I feel that it will never be so.

Even though we truly wish for it.

Since I have to believe,

That there is an eternity.

And what we do here,

Reflects on our happiness there.

My heart and soul you own.

You have stolen them

from the very beginning.

Or I have willingly

Bestowed them upon you.

Never the less,

My heart is forever lost

to those emerald eyes

and pure soul.

If only He

Would bless me

with permission

To live in the circle of your arms.

I would sing joyfully eternally.

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Cry For Help


I cannot hinder the words

that flow, so quickly from my pen,

to the tear stained parchment

that is my life.

Nor can I prohibit the salty tears

that flow from my heart,

to spill over the jagged cliffs,

to the water below,

and carried out to sea.

Nor can I prevent the heavy sighs

that escape my lips

carried on the wind’s current,

as a prayer, to God

to help my soul,

lest it be lost in darkness forever.

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I ascend the jagged mountain.

My hands and feet

searching for hand holds.

Not many do I find.

The jagged rocks

  Ripping and tearing

at my tender flesh.

Will I ever reach the top?

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Love's Garden

From The Heart

Please wait for me, my dear,

in Love's garden.

Stars twinkle and light the

old stone path, with its many secrets.

The moon's golden glow smiles down upon us,

As we are softly kissed by the evening’s breeze,

Loves melody is heard as the waves wash upon the shore.

Voices of lovers past, all consumed with each other’s, perfection.

Sharing eternity in the breath of the ocean perpetual.

Caressed gently by the sands of time,

to soften any trials that may briefly triumph.

The silent dance of the garden's colorful blooms,

sends a sensual fragrance over the lovers,

as if serenading them .

The marble statues that line the garden,

give strength and perseverance to the two,

with their unyielding permanence.

Feathery fir trees boarder the garden,

as if protecting  their love that will last

beyond eternity.

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Wind's Current


Standing high upon the ridge,

of the mountains, I now call home.

Gives me a clear view of the present

High above the misty clouds,

My vision is no longer obscured.

The darkness and shadows

that used to cloud my sight,

I have left below in the foothills.

Shall I take flight on the eagle's wings,

gliding effortlessly on the winds current?

to direct my path and control the future?

or will I descend the mountain to be again trapped below the clouds and mist

in the lowly foot hills?

It is up to me!

I want the strength to soar head.

But I need the push of the wind to send me on my way.

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