When my Savior was hanging on the cross

In our place dying for our sins

He thought of only you and me

And the forgiveness of all your sins.

Satan is only out to kill and to destroy

But God's presence is so beautiful

So encouraging and so refreshing

How sweet He, my Redeemer is!

In God I trust even thou trials appear

He speaks to me of comfort and sorrows

For me He'll bear

He always fills my heart with a joyous and lasting SONG!

Dorian Petersen-Potter

AKA LadyDP200


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Some folks out there be who seek great deeds

To do,

But this is not the way of God,

For in His sight there is no great or small.

So I went somewhere once in search of peace,

Where mirth, love and music always reigns,

But I sought, Oh yes, I thought for Her in vain

For truth couldn't share with me not even for a day.

Who not only looks for Thee

But always just believes in Thee,

Not only in the boundless realms of all my space

But finding Thee, in the nearest,smallest things.

Dorian Petersen Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


By ladydp2000 (About ladydp2000)

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2002 Poetry

my eyes reel as I stare at people coming in and out

couldn’t focus on filling up the application blanks

it has been several months since I stepped off the stand

and so far no luck has strayed on my doorknob

in murmur I asked myself how many times must I try

and how many more companies must I go to apply

this is the fifth times and all they have to say

to me is “give us your number and we’ll call you”—

oh God! that’s a typical cliché on my part

I stretched for my pocket, there’s enough money to spend

Never minding the passing time, ‘twas already twelve noon

my tummy was whirling, slowly devouring all my internals

I didn’t take any breakfast; I have to be early,

I have to be fast in order for me to seize the job

I hope this time some luck would fly to my lap

So I could be a useful inhabitant to my declining habitat

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I looked in the mirror yesterday

Where have all the years gone by?

When did I get so old and dry?

Where have all my dreams gone by?

Where did the young girl with a smile go?

When did these lines find my face?

Where is the twinkle that was in my eyes?

Is that something you can misplace?

I was going to go to college

I ended up married instead

Soon after I became a mother

My secret desires from the world I hid

The face that stared at me was aging

The skin not pretty and young

When did all of this happen?

I feel my life's just begun

My children are now much older

They don't need me as much

At least not like in days gone by

Maybe it's time to do something for me

Maybe I'll try to fly

The mirror doesn't lie to us

But that doesn't mean that things can't change

If we will just be willing

I'll work real hard to reach my dreams

I'll see things through to the end

And the next time I look in the mirror

Maybe I'll find myself a friend

Dorian Petersen Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


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Death Of A Poet

How I sit these idle hours

with upraised pen in hand

waiting patiently for flowers

from that never, never land.

Once my seeds were fertile

and they overflowed their brim

and those anxious sperm would hurtle

from that space within a whim.

But now those seeds that once begat

those rhymes of love and mirth

abandoned all my hopes unborn

...and left the afterbirth!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oftentimes we wonder if our creativeness has been used up, emptied out, somehow lost... and that there is no more... then we realize how nonsensical that is and we lighten up on ourselves... Poetry is really a bottomless but warm and comfortable aperture... in all of us... which will NEVER empty out...

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2002 Poetry

I watched you and you watched mine

I read you and you read mine

I saw you and you saw mine

I wrote you but found a vacant mine

I waited for you to type it

I waited and waited and waited

‘til I finaly gave up

Maybe you’re that too busy

And maybe too, typing to me

Isn’t that any biggy

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I Pray You Come Back to Me

no matter what life will bring you

no matter where life will take you

you will always be in my dreams

you'll be in my thoughts its true

no matter how long it takes you to move on

no matter if my life is a sad song

nothing will change

to you I will belong

I pray you feel the same for me

I pray our love will always be

no matter what is handed to you

I hope life brings you back to me

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Line in a Poem


Normal just isn't normal.

And right isn't right at all.

Ordinary just isn't ordinary.

And I don't seem to fit in.

I'm like a penguin in the desert.  

Like a butterfly on the moon.

Like a panther in the suburbs.

Like a drop of rain in a drought.

I know my way but my way must be traveled alone.

Then sometimes a line in a poem

or a verse in a song

can jump right out and grab me by the throat

and send chills down my spine

and tear at my heart

and make me fall in love with somebody

like Ani, Dar, or Tracey,

or some anonymous poster somewhere on the internet.

Somewhere between the world I call home

and the world we call heaven.

Somewhere between nirvana and the bible belt.

And for a shimmering moment

a few simple words

can cause the loner in me to disappear.

And my soul reaches out and connects

with another beautiful soul.

And paradise becomes reality.

And God can be seen in every tear of happiness

that flows down the cheek of a soul that's been satisfied.

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Hold your fire and lower aim,

From war, what do you think you'll gain?

Breath in deep the pollution you've caused,

Get pushed around town if you just stared and paused.

For a boy to take a minute, listen to silence,

And a girl to share at a sunrise through no fence.

Join together, and you can achieve anything,

Take care and let free, the children of our nation!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was for an english class, thought id put it on here cos my mum told me too! lol

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