I'm trying my hardest not to be a hindrence today,

It takes guts to be a Bukowski,

An Addonizio,

So eloquently they place their poison onto paper,

Like mad scientists gently dropping stimuli into a petri dish,

I envy their freedom of broken heartedness,

Their right to calamity,

I wish I could tell the whole world,

How fast my head is spinning,

How often I pick myself apart,

How quickly it all turns grey,

But I know my demons carry a great weight,

And I'm terrified of making a friend carry that burden,

What's to stop them,

From cutting that dangling string connecting my life raft to their cruise ship,

Leaving me to drift aimlessly in the sea,

As I had been urging them to,

On those lonely nights I let the drunken poetic rats,

Out of their filthy festering cages.

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Isn't it incredible,

How all of us,

Can, on occasion, come together,

And unconditionally accept each other,

It's in those brief, unbelievable moments,

Where I find the most joy in life,


We are in a room full of smoke and smiling faces,

Do you remember that?

I'm sitting on this unfortunate fouton with you,

In between burn holes and blunt wrappers,

I watch smoke wrap around and out your lips,

"I could love her", I think,

And then I watch you laugh,

and smile,


He is telling his stories again,

We are almost circled around him clenching with,

Anticipation of the next,

Twist or triumph,

When he sees me he knows I'm different,

But the same,

Who is this person attending his show?

The one who is hiding something,

Wants to forget something,

I am a curious visitor,

A tourist,

You're funny,

I need to laugh,

Who better than to listen to your story,







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Friends and Fiends

Through this facade
You cannot see
All the things
I should be


All the people
Trapped inside
All the feelings
I shouldn't hide


So many people
Think they know me
Only the exterior
I allow them to see


I'm an enigma
A hidden mystery
A smiling boy
With a dark history


They sing the words
But they don't understand
They don't know what it's like
To be touched by evil's hand


They don't have
A cursed dark heart 
They don't have
Their souls torn apart


All this pain
Living in me
All this pain
They can't see


I embrace it
I channel it
It makes me
Will never break me


Nothing will keep me
In a cage
Even now
My pain is rage


This love
This hate
Not enough
To sate


Love and hate 
Define me
Define the angel
I should be
Define the demon 
They made me


I'll show myself
To those who can be trusted
To those of you
Who's values haven't rusted


I'll show to you
My hellish interior
To those of you
Who've felt inferior


Who know my pain
Who've dealt with fiends
Who sing the words
And know what it means

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words-she get it all

it was started

from the roof, seeing backward

wondering was there anybody

anybody standing there

the heart was about to burst

said "i need you

please come and be a little friendly."

she didn't get it

didn't get anything at all

what was important

entertainment? that's all?

bulit her own world

don't know, fictional one

where true people exist

that's what she thought

fictional was just fictional

by the end of the day 

what she got

ignored that's all 

best friend, childhood friend,

comrades , all has only one meaning

meaning which connect the heart 

through all the invisible path

integrate it , cancel out everything

the word which is visible and follow 

with all emotions 

it just simple word and we call it

'friendship', it was so simple

still was so puzzled


so yeah she felt alone 

in the mist of words

she couldn't find her word

she smiled and said

"i need you 

please come and be a little friendly."

spreading aroma of emotions

with open heart

there is only one word she could reach

calling all over from very far

she smiled 'tomodachi'

that's what she said  

by the end of the day 

she get it all 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

well the meaning of tomodachi is friend and this poem is based on how girl feel ignored and lonely but as days were passing she get it all

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*Without Love*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Without Love

You mean nothing to me 

Without Gods acceptance

We are not meant to be 

This is why you were taken away

I'm to find someone new 

So I search yet another day

BecauseI do not belong with you 


God has my path set 

Don't get me wrong 

I am happy we met 

But it wasn't even suppose to last this long


So be greatful on the memories we've shared 

You will always be my wonderful friend

And remember I always for you cared

But this is where it stops 

This is the end 


Because without love

There is nothing 

Maybe if there was romance

There could of been something

But without love you lost your chance

So now you're all alone

That's what to you God will always bring

I'm no longer in your trance



Bellla Vox, Bella Voce

Bella Vox, Bella Voce

Bella Vox, Bella Voce

Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Voices

I say to you;

Beware your friends more than your foes.

Love your foes more than your friends.

For a once lush valley,

May grow a blanket of thorns seven-fold;

Surprising and strangling you in it's grasp.


While the night, 

May get no darker than Midnight.


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I don't try to make friends notice me....

I just act normal and friendly ....

Thats it don't need to act different....

Why would I?....

Theres no reason I just love my friends and they love me....


Author's Notes/Comments: 

People always try to act different around their friends, but why you? Your friends should like you for you! I know you probably heard this a lot but it really needs to stick in your head!

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Postpoem Friends

Just a thought!

When I joined this site, my words were allright

I didn't see the purpose of a friend.

It's been 9 years now, without one "allow,"

so I dicided to invite one in.

The very first line, was be careful of rhyme

Her writings  didn't include such a thing.

I thought... you write the way you write,

and I'll write the way I write cause,

I have a lot more to bring.

She professed to publish writing, but

I had no sighting like, Browning or

Longfellow or Poe...But... All the good ones read,

are long since dead...I guess, in a few years,

I'll know!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little "Poetic Humor"

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The Best Christmas Party I have ever attended.

Seasonal Holidays:


The Hi Tide public house: function rooms, in early December 2012; was a memorable Christmas party.

The function room, was decorated, very nicely with Christmas trimmings and fairy lights.

Table settings were very festively decorated and added to the Christmas cheer and the general feeling of goodwill, for the festive occassion.

At the center of each table, was a seasonal show of lights and balloons.My companion; my mother, and I thought we would buy some soft drinks; as I do not drink alchahol and my  mother generally drinks in the evening; this Christmas get together, however, was being held in the afternoon.

It was not long before all the tables were occupied; the guests all wellcomed each other with seasonal greetings. Waiters started to hover around the tables delivering a memorable three course meal; my mother's and my choice of meal was the prawn cocktail, Turkey roast dinner followed by gateau, coffee and mints.

All the courses were served by happy efficient staff and the whole three courses were made up of generous helpings. Many a Christmas popular song could be heard as we tucked into our Christmas fare; whilst we pulled crackers and placed paper hats on our heads.

After the meal was over, the entertainment started: two young girls, they told moderately funny jokes, but sang very well indeed. The whole atmosphere was one of Seasonal Goodwill to all; my  mother and I had a wonderfull time.

We sang along with the entertainers; Christmas popular tunes, and found space on the dance floor and enjoyed dancing with all the other dancers; we were all having such a good time.

The evenings were drawing in early at this time of year; and as the sun set and darkness took over , we decided to phone for a taxi to return home.

What a lovely time we both had; and I would reccomend the Hi Tide pub for such celebrations as Christmas. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 


 This dedicated to my mum.

Merry Christmas mum. xxxx

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