The Best Christmas Party I have ever attended.

Seasonal Holidays:


The Hi Tide public house: function rooms, in early December 2012; was a memorable Christmas party.

The function room, was decorated, very nicely with Christmas trimmings and fairy lights.

Table settings were very festively decorated and added to the Christmas cheer and the general feeling of goodwill, for the festive occassion.

At the center of each table, was a seasonal show of lights and balloons.My companion; my mother, and I thought we would buy some soft drinks; as I do not drink alchahol and my  mother generally drinks in the evening; this Christmas get together, however, was being held in the afternoon.

It was not long before all the tables were occupied; the guests all wellcomed each other with seasonal greetings. Waiters started to hover around the tables delivering a memorable three course meal; my mother's and my choice of meal was the prawn cocktail, Turkey roast dinner followed by gateau, coffee and mints.

All the courses were served by happy efficient staff and the whole three courses were made up of generous helpings. Many a Christmas popular song could be heard as we tucked into our Christmas fare; whilst we pulled crackers and placed paper hats on our heads.

After the meal was over, the entertainment started: two young girls, they told moderately funny jokes, but sang very well indeed. The whole atmosphere was one of Seasonal Goodwill to all; my  mother and I had a wonderfull time.

We sang along with the entertainers; Christmas popular tunes, and found space on the dance floor and enjoyed dancing with all the other dancers; we were all having such a good time.

The evenings were drawing in early at this time of year; and as the sun set and darkness took over , we decided to phone for a taxi to return home.

What a lovely time we both had; and I would reccomend the Hi Tide pub for such celebrations as Christmas. 

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 This dedicated to my mum.

Merry Christmas mum. xxxx

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Sounds Great!

Where is it located (state/city/street)? - Lady A



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The Hi Tide public house and

The Hi Tide public house and restaurant at a seaside resort known locally as Porthcawl, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales UK. It's located about 4 miles from where I live at Kenfig Hill.

Thank you for taking time to read my prose and poetry, I am happy you had time to read them. Your interest is much appreciated. Love your work. So sorry to hear about your brother passing away, it must be a very emotional time for you. Try to remember the good times, when your brother and you were growing up; it can help the hurt and heal you. My commiseration and condolences Allets.