Did I Ever Tell You

                              By Chuck McGlawn Chuckest@aol.com


                    Did I ever tell you,

                 Just how nice you are?

                 Let me say it here today

                 You are my shinning star.


                 Did I ever tell you

                 How each and every day

                 You fill my life with happiness

                 And turn drudge into play


                 Did I ever tell you

                 How times when I am down

                 Your e-mail seems to pop up

                 And turns things all around


                 Did I ever tell you

                 Thanks for all you share

                 How when I need a friend most

                 You’re always just right there


                 Did I ever tell you

                 Though mere words can’t convey

                 Just how much you mean to me.

                 Well, I’m telling you today.

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AziVsH's picture

I Like This

It's sweet:)