as we waiting for each other
we are expectant
waiting for a time
for those few minutes
that change our line
and we wake up with a
new face of a spotting blood

In this situation
our mind ready to work
cause theres a lot of resistance
like a wire have
if we choose it as our requirement
then we get the path
or else we get a high watt shock
which is close to death

For a few minutes
what we did
or what we going to do
to make a sentences of lies
or just tell them the truth
and face it as a falling of a big shed

I do something like that
but everyone knows that
and everyone help me in that
just need to look into your eye
until the goodbye
i know you were there
i know you were worry
and you know what i did

For a few minutes
with you, just with
i was insensitive
and i feel every blow
cause i know goodbye is a word
its never look like its always we see

what you did for getting
a few minutes with your friends ?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem to express my today's experience with my friend

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we have no choice

after the exam
we sit in our home
like a Sculpture
miss each other
but had our own problem
want to meet but
where, how
questions eat our mind
boring days
but we don't have any choice
days are going
like a boil rice
rest is all around
but this is what we
not truly around
rest is rest all we have
and because of this
all pain we have
but we have no choice
except to bear it
like to drink demon blood
and to feel all the
thoughts as a wire of a music
To show them
who stop us
to show them
what we are
through inside power of our

questions eat our mind
boring days
but may be we have a choice
to face the fact

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Are we really supposed to be just friends?
I know that there was a mental block
Concerning the ‘I love you’
I mean I couldn’t find a way to feel it
Let alone say it
So I backed off when you did
Because I felt… I dunno what I felt
I felt for you as a friend at first
But that has grown stronger
All through High School
I was known as Aphrodite
And I am seeing it even more now
But the problem is what it does to me
And my emotions, I feel like I’m on a
Roller coaster just like I always have
I know I am supposed to be in love
With another guy but oh how
The tables have turned
See I’ve got him on one hand
And you on the other
And you both fight like cats and dogs
You both are too mild tempered for that
But I still hear the both of you
Even though he’s not around
To say so to me
I still know how his reaction would be
And even if you say it doesn’t matter
That it will, it really will
But how do I deal with this
I can’t pick one and let the
Other one go
Now this poem is looking
Like the ranting of a mad woman
Maybe I am, I always have been

Written on
April 13, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about Brian Marshall and Gene Conner. I dont really know whats going to happen from here, this was just a poem to let you know that.

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I don't know how to start it
so i'm starting in my way

when i walked at the door
you were there
cause i wanted your presence everywhere
every time i sit in a computer
waiting for you
cause i'm sick for you
don't have much to talk
but we can't take a clear shot

i saw your face
it was like a weird trace
i know you didn't want that
but now i have to clear that
you saw my back
like a shadow of mine
until i wasn't away from your line
you looked at me from your distant line of sight

when i walked at the door
you were there
cause i want your presence everywhere

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is a fact what i'm facing nowadays

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this is us

we were new

we were combative

as we pass our days together

we pass our level

talk about anime

sang in the class

as shout as we can 

we became crazy

we still crazy

giving opinion to each other

that anger of yours

to turn me into real me

that cute face of yours

to make me say what i don't say 

first time i felt wrong

first time i felt reality

but it feels good to thing like that

now we stick with those words

like witha fevi stick

we were strangers

now we are friends

don't care if we don't talk 

face to face

just we chat , that's enough for me

cause its everything for me

we were far

now we are close

we were sick

now we are crazy

like a bond of music

now we are friends

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is about my friends and me that how we were and how we are now

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same stop

my poem, my experience 

the ending and the opening is same

and the stop is also same

the receiving prints

the releasing prints

ends in a same stop

same stop of my all poem

with my friends

its not a bus stop

its our school stop

for a certain interval of time

of our time

we going to repeat

our moves of line 

railway track is around the places

but it broken around the places

as the repetition of our thoughts are going on

the repetition of my poems are going on

same stop of my all poems

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i just want to tell what i try to write in my poems

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My strife filled life

Maybe someday I’ll find the person I’m meant to be

That there’s truly a purpose in life

But for now I’m just trying to live day by day

Through all of this nonsense and strife

I wish that my friends could all see

How the problems and issues and things that they do

Don’t affect only them, also me

Through boyfriends and girlfriends and stupid high school

I’m the one who must remain collected and cool

They tell me their problems

I give them advice

I’m the one with the answers solutions and nice

Things to say about everyone despite my true thoughts

Sometimes their problems tie my heart up in knots.

They need me to be

Strong, understanding me

But I need the same thing from somebody else

But no one is there

So I make my feelings disappear

I don’t share my problems with the friends who share theirs

I probably could but not one of them cares

I wish I could trust them the way they trust me

But I’ve been used and mistreated too often you see

So regardless of trust, love, and belief

I have all this sadness, depression, and grief

These feelings I do so well to hide

They are bottled up and growing inside

I wish I could find a way to get it all out

But I think if I start I think I’ll become like a spout

I’ll cry and cry and no words will be said

But I wish I had someone to hear with their heart not their head

I wish I could tell everyone the way that I feel

That I do have feelings and they are SO real

But instead I live with a faked happy smile

And pretend that I feel like my life is worthwhile

But I often wonder how it would be

If something terrible happened to me

Would anyone notice?

Would anyone care?

Would it only be cause there was an empty chair?

Would anyone feel like something was wrong?

Would anyone notice if I was just gone?

Would they go out looking for me?

Or would they just be upset that the house wasn’t clean?

Or they had no one to talk to when people were mean? 

There are days when I wish I could just go back home

To the people who call me one of their own

Ever since moving I’ve had no real connection

No new friends to share love and affection

But I know if I go back

Everyone would be so used to not having me there

That they would forget about me or just really not care

They have already replaced me

It’s easy to see

They hang out with new friends but I don’t have any

It makes me so sad cause I used to have many

My parents and siblings just don’t understand

There are only two people who do

But they are so busy I don’t see them much but when I do

They just have to say

Three little words

To make everything okay

When they say “I love you”

And hold me so tight

It’s the only thing in this crazy world that feels right

Hugs, kisses, love and understanding are the things that I need

They sink into my heart and they grow like a seed

They grow and they bloom till my heart overflows

With love, understanding, and caring that shows

But sometimes even those hugs, kisses, and love

Cannot lift the dark rain cloud that looms up above

Some days there is nothing that anyone can do

To lift my spirits when I’m feeling blue

I put on a good face and make people think that I’m great

But inside my heart is breaking like a porcelain plate 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first poem. I wrote it because I recently moved from a place that I live for eleven years. I have become depressed and began questioning what the point of life is. I know it's not that great and it probably sounds like rambling. But it is what is on my heart and I had to find a way to get it out. And the way my heart found was poetry.

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gift of a friend

In this world 

nobody is innocent

there is a dark inside everyone

it's our own opinion to 

accept it or not

and i accept the

gift of my friend

cause i can share anything

with them without any fear

without any doubt

cause i know that time come

someday when i have to choose my path

may be that path different from my friends

but i have to choose it

they always with me

even when i'm angry 

shout at them

they with me

they give me those gifts

gifts of right choice of my life

we know from the centre of circle

we walk through different roads

pass different trees

but we know one thing

that this is circle

so we will meet

then we get we walk in different road

but still we are on a same line

cause we believe

our goal

our gift of a friend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for all my friends

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it's a long time

it's a long time

when i saw my friends

everyone missing eachother

wanna meet but

but can't

because exam is near

family pressure

no sounds look our own

we know about the separtion

the consequences of our result

it's a long time

when i see my friends

standing on a roof

waiting for someone

who walk through my house

who come on a roof

to see this sky

sky also show today 

the emptiness of cloud

the motionless of my leg 

on the ground

it's a long time

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for my friends

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