A bittersweet feel,

Loneliness at best.


You feed me attention,

When it suits you most.


Once adressed,

Messages are left ignored,

And yet you boast.


With a want for attention,

You come to me in tears.


I appease,

For only you to confirm my fears.


A cycle it seems,

You want and I please.

A ridicoulous thought,

As if I,

Could perhaps ask for you to appreciate,
To not face me with willful lies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No one's to keen on my poems anyways


Attention Must be Paid

Getting attention from the known and unknown,

Is something breathtaking like a picture drawn,

By a painter craving for success,

Attention must be paid; no more and no less!


If neglected are the genius ones,

Like the outcasts,

Then the train of civilisation,

Stops indefinitely at the station!


Let’s win hearts by paying generous attention,

Something needs to be done in unison.


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Everyone enjoys the spotlight.

It is strong.

It is tempting.

It fills you with a feeling of might.

You may step in,

But if you linger too long,

You are never to return to sight,

As the sensation takes hold the moment you enter.

It will slowly claim you

In its grasp so tight

And slowly it will take power

Turning your mind

To its domain of spite

And soon your morals will be swept away,


It will kill you in the night

And use you.

You will no longer exist

And it will attack those around you

As the limelight lives your life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really liked this idea in the book, and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. So I had to write a poem about it.

Penile Love

He was an odd man, who liked to hold his penis,
He always stayed with his aunt,
Never had a girlfriend,
And his mother used to clean for us.


Not particularly handsome,
He searched high and he searched low,
Girls liked him but they'd always say,
'You can't be holding your penis all day'.


One day he chopped it off,
And put it in a jar,
He found a girl to marry,
But their sex life never got far.


1:30 AM 5/23/2013 ©

my ode entitled 'energy flows where attention goes

Energy flows where attention goes

A little thing that I’v been told
Energy flows where attention goes
In whatever direction you choose
Your energy is yours to loose

Wherever you may decide to point
Your attention, your energy anoints
This is more than likely your TV
A machine built to steal your energy

Don’t forget your computer or PC
To that you choose to give energy
You may choose another direction
I’m betting based on consumerism

Because this capitalist belief system
All rigged to steal your heaven
Steals your energy at every turn
Tv’s, pc,s, mobile phones: LEARN

All designed to steal your energy
With careful use of sacred geometry
The less energy you give away
The more for you: Brighter days

You need all the energy for yourself
To surf, not wade through this hell
If you don’t see this world as grim
The current system, all the suffering

Google silent weapons for quiet war
Bill Cooper, he knew the score
They have stolen your spirit too
I’m no liar, I speak the truth
Only one person needs your energy
Would be You: Not the Illuminati

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She shows me no attention, I long for attention, I haved tried to get it. She never has time to give me attention, I just want her to notice me a little, but she can't even do that.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was hard for me to write, please read it, and if you have a relationship with your mom like me send me a message and we can chat.

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What women will do for attention(snippet)

Women will sell their soul just to buy some attention,
Wale said it best
Wasting time appying make up just to look a glam mess,
... but to your reflection you look your best,
and nobody can tell you anything less
and to that freakum dress that you put on for the club,
to men it all look the same,
and those jeans, well we all know he just wanna know
how it seems to get up in those things,
and to those 6 inch heels that hurt to walk in,
at the end of the day you are still a woman so to a nigga,
he'll hit it or quit it whether you're rockin jays or taylor gang
so ladies this message is for you, be true to you boo,
live life and make sure that anything you do and wear is because
its for the pleasure or discomfort of you.

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Pride is Damaging

My Personal Faves

sensation of better
better than you
than me yesterday
than he thought i could be
than my sister
because I'm skinny
or smart
because i answer phones after 1 ring
or have red and blond highlights

disgust at my need for success
for approval
who am I but a slave?
who am I but all of your slaves?

I live to serve you
to make you see
that i am worth something
worth your love
your attention
your time
and your sex

i am proud
of my desirability
of his inability to withhold

not proud of my youthful ignorance

of being 'free' or 'romantic' or 'spontaneous'

i live on a stick
a Popsicle shit stick
or puppet string
made to dance and sing by so-called friends
whose opinions
run me
run me into the ground
the tunnels
the rooms
the cubicles
the dreams
the dreams of

not me
except for the accomplishments
which i fight so hard for
poor pity-seeking puppy
begging for love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

New at this.. would love to get feedback or discuss life and politics and philosophy and human nature. Hope this poem doesn't make me seem too shallow. Just a mood..

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