In Wonderment

Tied ribbons into bows to adorn your hair,

silken sheen with swishes in swirling air

Knotted streams of scarlet for tresses of gold -

braided with highlights from a sunrise on hold


Spangles for a jewel untouched by time,

score of beauty - like winds into a chime

Nimble and spry, lovely merriment's show,

proving angels do fly in a halo's glow


Ruffles and pleats  forming garments to wings,

with extended arms - a world of magic sings

Tiptoeing in step to a roundabout ode,

eyes filled in wonderment as dreams unfold


Past castles for kings awaits a far dell,

love me or not, daisy's petals will tell

One by one, plucked betwixt finger and thumb,

whispers seek a favored heart in the sum


To where flowers beckon, and blossoms speak,

all in a land of imagined mystique

Traveling to faraway - new worlds appear

even the face on the moon approaches near


Exhaled long breaths - as fantasies come in sight

playtime gives chase to another day's delight

Nary a care on paths to make believe,

wherein lies your own beauty - for you to see


© C.E.Vance

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Soothing the Savage Grimbledorfs

Dreams and Schemes

I lay asleep soundlessly

beneath the covers on my bed,

Only to be awoken by the sound

of Grimbledorfs above my head.

Now Grimbledorfs are ugly creatures

with ears the size of a fist

and their eyes are blood red

as if they were blood-kissed.

Their teeth were sharp like razor's

and yellow as the sun.

There flesh green and cover in scabs,

plus they'd all talk as one.

Grimbledorfs were savage creatures

who would feast on human skin

and the secret way to be spared,

was to tell them tales of the Moonlight Gin.

Now this gin wasn't really real,

or an alcohol of any kind.

It was just something they had invented

within their convoluted minds.

See Moonlight Gin had the power

to turn Grimbledorfs into men

and so they searched for it endlessly

but believed it was hidden from them.

On this night I told them a tale

of a land very far the way.

Where there was enough of the gin,

to cure them all they say.

The place lay beneath the sea,

looked deep within a metal chest.

I absentmindly pet one of these creatures,

a small one laid upon my breast.

I told them If they hurried

they could make it by first light.

Because Grimbledorfs would explode

If they weren't hidden before the end of night.

And so they clambered over one another,

diving off of my bed.

Saying that if it wasn't there,

I'd better have another tale or I'd be dead.

They closed the door quietly behind them

and I ground in sorrow.

For this underground island did not exist

so they'd be back tomorrow.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I was younger I'd imagine these little creatures were sitting at the foot of my bed.

And they were always getting ready to nibble off my toes if I ran out of tales.

This is what they sort of looked like:

She Who Was The Child Of A Volcano. (part 4/4)

She Who Was....

He began to erupt angrily

saying that she was reckless and bold.

Which only made her skin start to heat

saying dying should be easy for he is too old.

He was so angry at his daughter

it wasn't a surprise that the groud started to quake.

Damon,her love, told her they could still leave

but she silenced him with a head shake.

She told him that though this village hated her

and the children avoided her making her cry.

She wasn't as heartless as her father

saying she couldn't leave or they would die.

And so she began to climb up high

up and up her father's side

whilr he still continued to shake with anger

and with a hurt pride.

She finally reached the top of the volcano 

and shouted down her loving goodbye

promising she would save them all

but she and her father would die.

Her father never ceased shaking as she fell

but said with a voice filled with strife.

"No my daughter you must live on,

for you child are my life.

She hit the lava and the volcano smoked out

and her abandoned love shouted through tears,

" You see what she has done for you?

died to save you despite your anger and fears!"

The village looked up at the volcano 

and as one began a loud and mournful cry

Then with Damon they traveled up

to tell dear Bonnie goodbye......








But when they reached the top

they recieved the shock of their life no doubt.

Because at the bottom lay a BLONDE haired Bonnie

saying calmly, "Damon can you help me out?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my phone wouldnt let me type more sk i  had to make it 4 parts

if you are confused.... her fatber poured his life fprce into her to keep her alive. And her hair change colors because the red was part of her father that left them linked and he's dead now so....

The poem has typos that i shall fix tomorrow

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She Who Was The Child Of A Volcano Part 3 /4

She Who Was....

I hope you are eating this up

like a loaf of fresh baked bread.

Or you will ruin the whole thing

so don't you skip ahead!!!!

It's two full years later for Bonnie

this young woman of volcano-send

Who wants to leave a town that fears her

and find her happy end.

But it is still a week away

before Bonnie will turn nineteen.

And alas her dream of leaving

is still just that, a dream.

On this day came a man

his face was bloody and badly beaten.

and from a glance anyone could tell

It has been long since this man's eaten.

But the town doesn't like outsiders

and ignored him leaving him scared and alone.

Except for our dear and strange Bonnie.

who helped him limp into his home.

For three days she washed and fed him

while he told her tales of battle.

And in return she told him one

about the time she burned the village cattle.

He didn't quite believe her,

despite her tearful and true sounding cry.

But he also didn't think she 'd deceive him

and doubted she even knew how to lie.

She was happy that he half believed

and smiled, her beauty nearly blinding him

He said he instantly fell in love

but she thought that loving her was bad a sin.

He said he didn't care at all 

and he asked her for her hand.

She said okay but she may change her mind

after beginning to know this little man.

He told her he couldn't stay here

that he would be leaving soon.

She was invited but had to show him

saying "meet me at the river by noon."

He showed up there  with some doubt

but open to believe.

She thought of the people in town

and rolled up her sleeves.

Shr melted the rocks by his feet

then  calmed and didn't dare meet his eyes.

Until he kissed her very hard and sweet on the mouth

making her start with surprise.

They would be leaving the next day, her birthday

but first she had to tell her father.

Hoping the volcano wouldn't over react

and begin a complete man slaughter.

She told him solemnly the next day 

and hoped it would be an easy goodbye.

But for the first time in years he father spoke

screaming "Without you I shall die.."

He started to erupt angrily

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Was it what you expected? 

If you said yes you're a liar.


Please comment or message more fantasy ideas! im in need of some

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She Who Was The Child Of A Volacano Part 2. (read pt. 1 first)

She Who Was....

Now you've heard of the baby

the strange gifted child of a volcano.

But here on this page lies more of her story

everything else that I feel you must know:

This fiery girl has been named Bonnie.

and 17 years later she is a gifted teen.

Never kissed because boys were afraid,

and girls were angry but never mean.

For Bonnir had an explosive temper,

that made her body mirror a volcano.

And when her anger became to much.

it was to the river that she would go.

Her body would heat up and glow.

But she was always to angry to calm down.

So she would set fire to the plants.

and melt the rocks into the ground.

Until she felt her anger ebb away.

and was able to clear her head.

realizing if she didn't soon

the whole town would be dead.

They eyed her strangely when she'd return,

but she'd just go home and dream.

She wanted nothing more than to leave.

Chanting repeatedly, "When I'm 19"

So she would wait two more years.

Walking on eggshells when she'd breathe.

Hoping she didn't kill all these people

before she could get the courage to leave


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Second poem in the three part! The last one will have you laughing or gasping and possibly evem crying.

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She Who Was The Child Of A Volcano. Part 1/4

She Who Was....

There was a girl who lived in

a village, way down below.

Spouted from a volacano,

skin with a red-tinged glow.

She cried out her eyes,

and broke all their hearts.

but when they touched her

their hands burned, they noticed with a start.

There was a smart young me.

Who cooed to her saying "Don't cry"

And as the girl settled down.

the rumbling volcano sound would die.

The girl slowly cooled down

as the volcano flamed out.

And her skin was translucent,

while her hair was fiery, What's that about?

So the young man took her in,

this girl that wasn't normal at all.

And each time she'd cry,

 the volcano erupted, as if answering a call.

So the villagers wanted to kill her,

just to throw her in the lake.

They knocked the man out and

tried to run, but the ground began to quake.

"Put my daughter down, you cads,

ye men of mortal blood.

Or I shall in turn kill your wives and dauighters

In a lava filled flood."

"To whom are we speaking with,"

called the one who was most brave.

"I am the spirit of the volcano,

you meek and mortal nave."

They dared not anger the mountain more,

and brought the small girl back.

The young man who thought they had killed her,

halted his own attack.

They told him what the volcano said,

and promised they'd never try

to hurt this little girl again,

just to make sure she didn't cry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is part 1 to the poem. there will be three parts. 1: infancy. 2: Adolensce 3:Adult

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Dying Species (from the inside, out)

human beings

The smile that bursts through the clouds of pain,
Is the smile from a place of strength,
Unknown to men who have become weak,
Caudled by the world of fantasy,
It bubbles up from his well within
Like an an earthquake,
It tells the world there is something more important,
Something we need to attend to,
And something far greater than the inconveniences
That life can often dish out in it's merciless ways,
And yet, when we see the smile,

We do not recognise this,
We cannot rejoice,
We cannot appreciate,
We cannot love,
Our instinct most often sought is judgement,
Then envy.



Sad...isn't it?





8:17 PM 5/1/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Strength. Insight. Self. Connection to others.

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Beware The Lady Mare

Beware the 'mare spectator,

who hurts you as you sleep.

She'll mould your dreams to nightmares

and cackle when you weep.


Beware the fear creator,

She'll crush your wracking chest.

She'll torture you 'til morning says

that Death is for the best.


Beware the dream invader,

When you yawn, retire with care.

With every nightmare, she creates

a knot within your hair. 

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When Children Meet Pirates


I was given the job

by the employer from Hell

of nanny to two girls

called Nancy and Belle.


Their father was a crook,

I knew from the start,

he was gluttonous and vile,

but cunning and smart.


He knew nothing of love,

and had only one ambition,

to torture the Kingdom's pirates

until they fell into submission.


Despite their father's flaws,

the girls were utter joys,

Although Belle was a little stubborn,

And made an awful lot of noise,


See, I was employed for a reason,

I found out on my first day.

The girls were intrigued by a forest,

and I was not to let them stray.


The Bloodcrow Forest was scary,

and huge and quite close by,

And the rumour in the city was

that Pirates were camping inside.


See, they were after something,

and my employer, Mr Pesh,

had let slip that he was responsible

for a catastrophic mess.


Mr Pesh was man of law,

and several months ago,

had captures eleven pirates,

and put their severed heads on show.


The pirates' rage was worrying

to men like Mr Pesh,

more so because his daughters,

longed to see Pirates in the flesh.


So I tried for months to control them,

but Belle could not be tamed,

she'd always dreamt of meeting Pirates,

My bedtime stories were to blame...


Before I could stop her,

she escaped in the dead of night,

We feared she might be murdered,

to her sister's cruel delight.


I'd neglected mute little Nancy

and failed to see her tears,

Belle had bullied her sister

and become the subject of all her fears.


So Nancy didn't care

whether Belle had lived or died,

but I still ran into the forest

and screamed for her to hide.


I rescued twelve-year-old Belle,

who was surprisingly calm.

She said she loved the Pirate camp,

and that the Pirates meant no harm.


I told her this was rubbish,

and she'd heard a bunch of lies,

so she screamed and me and kicked my leg

and ran to her room and cried.


The following morning saw a terror,

in the form of a Pirate siege,

which began in the Castle's Courtyard

while King Ferdinand made a speech.

Mr Pesh was a raging bull

and punched his daughter in the eye,

As it was Belle who told the Pirates

that he'd wanted more to die,


As I ran to safe-guard Nancy,

I watched a Pirate approach poor Belle,

who was being beaten by her father

and being told to rot in Hell.


The Pirate wrenched dear Belle aside

and brandished a glistening sword

and plunged it into her father's chest

until he lay dead on the floor.


I was relieved that Belle was safe,

but she clasped a Pirate's hand

and at first I was bewildered but then

I saw her smile expand.


Could it be that she had met him

during her escapade in the woods?

Could he possibly have loved her?

Could a pirate turn out to be good?


I had more important things on my mind though,

All around me, townsfolk were screaming.

I ran, shielding Nancy

from the buildings that were burning.


Through all the smoke and licking flames,

we searched for the Pirate and Belle,

we thought we saw them running,

but it was difficult to tell.


But soon the smoke began to clear

as did the panic in my head,

and we found Belle and the Pirate

hiding near the Forest's edge.


"This is John Lefevre" Belle told me.

"We're in love and I'm running away.

I'm going with him on the Pirate Ship

To find treasure on some exotic bay."


Naturally I was furious

and I punched Lefevre in the face

I begged Belle to come with me and Nancy

to some new and happier place.

Of course, she refused my offer.

Love is blinding and harming and alarming.

She wanted adventure and excitement and her Pirate,

but her sister simply needed re-homing.


Eventually, Lefevre surrendered

and passed me his young lover's hand.

Belle cried all the way to the station,

where we left for Featherjet Land.


We were happy for a while,

me as mother in a cute little cottage.

I got a job as a local teacher

and the girls became my world.


But one morning before I served breakfast,

I heard Nancy shriek Belle' name.

Belle had fled in search of her Pirate

and Nancy was never the same.


My story does not end here,

neither does Nancy's and neither does Belle's,

So I'll leave it here and collect my memories

So that next time, I have more stories to tell. 

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