Non Military

She kissed me first

Electric taste of sweet honey

It made me blush

A glimpse of stocking top

On a Harley

She took me to Never Never Land

Or Maybe,Maybe Land?




© Tony McNally

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the transition


We treat it as if  it was something negative and unfair
Our deeply ingrained hour glass is natures gift
From the moment of birth our flesh and bone battery slowly drains
One by one our senses flicker like an old light bulb
Acres of stone reminders are in every community
A passing thought before we fall asleep
A written article in the news paper
How and when are the always on the menu
Our feeble attempts to hide from the ghost of inevitability
Trying frantically to choke the life out of mama truth
Ok, alright, I give up! I'm taking the ride!



I’m somewhere,

In a different time

In a different place


I’m somewhere,

A different feeling

Lost in space


I’m somewhere,

Caught in the midst

Of everything I know

In all that exists

My limitations grow


I’m somewhere,

Exposed and valiant

Bright eyes; knowing


I’m somewhere,

Trembling and fierce

Hearts on shoulders; showing





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When I was a teenager,

I used to do one thing ever,

I used to daydream,

Like Jim in Lord Jim.


I would achieve the impossible,

As if I were utterly unstoppable!

I was the emperor in my fantasy,

I was beyond any accountability!


Such was my days,

Beset with celestial rays!

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You Are the Special One For Me

© by Chuck McGlawn/

To all those lovers, that have found that Special One. 1/26/2003


You are that Special One for me

It's obvious to all who'll see

You satisfy my fantasy dreams

And fulfill all my life's schemes


Our love can surely stand the test

I'm so content when caressed

My body melds so perfectly

With that Special One meant for me


Ecstasy's what I'm perusing

Loving all the things you’re doing

With you my heart beats passionately

'Cause you’re that Special One for me


I think our hearts beat as one

With you everything is fun

It's my hope that you'll agree

You are that Special One for me.

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Picture Perfect Woman

Just a thought!

If all it took was a pretty face

The stars would send a prize

If a painting needed a sultry look

Van Gogh would paint your eyes

If a lighthouse ran on innocents

Your stare could light the sea

Ships would chance the breaking waves

To get a glimps at thee

If a perfect kiss was ever made

The French would love your style

They'd put your moistened lips on screen

And capture every smile

If lines on a body could yell,"Seduction"

Your curves would send out screams

My mind can only fantasize

And paint you in my dreams

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Picture Perfect Woman"

Somewhere Out There

Just a thought!

Hiding in the shadows under unassuming names

Being real has no appeal, they play elusive games

Deception keeps them on their guard, to shun reality

Keeping secrets in the dark, so no one else will see

Taking on identities, to forget daily strife

Writing out fantasies, they live a different life

Dreaming takes them far away, a place they cannot be...

Living in another world... just beyond reality'


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Somewhere Out There"

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Not native to this planet,

Related to Tsathoggua.

Never leaving its black caverns,

Being part of N'kai.


Obscene monsters form in the mass,

Crawling away from their parent.

Its tentacles grasping them back,

Returning them to the primal mass.

Moreover, some do escape

And live their own ways.

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Fantasy Island

I went to Fantasy Island but my fantasy didn't come true.

I beat up Mister Roarke and I also tried to beat up Tattoo.

When Roarke refused to give me a refund, I went berserk.

I stomped him but when I tried to whip Tattoo, it didn't work.

He kicked my ass just like Mini-Me whooped Austin Powers.

I'm ashamed to say that that little person made me cower.

I have some valuable advice that I want to give to you.

If you go to Fantasy Island, don't try to fight Tattoo.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is a parody of the TV show.

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