She Who Was The Child Of A Volacano Part 2. (read pt. 1 first)

She Who Was....

Now you've heard of the baby

the strange gifted child of a volcano.

But here on this page lies more of her story

everything else that I feel you must know:

This fiery girl has been named Bonnie.

and 17 years later she is a gifted teen.

Never kissed because boys were afraid,

and girls were angry but never mean.

For Bonnir had an explosive temper,

that made her body mirror a volcano.

And when her anger became to much.

it was to the river that she would go.

Her body would heat up and glow.

But she was always to angry to calm down.

So she would set fire to the plants.

and melt the rocks into the ground.

Until she felt her anger ebb away.

and was able to clear her head.

realizing if she didn't soon

the whole town would be dead.

They eyed her strangely when she'd return,

but she'd just go home and dream.

She wanted nothing more than to leave.

Chanting repeatedly, "When I'm 19"

So she would wait two more years.

Walking on eggshells when she'd breathe.

Hoping she didn't kill all these people

before she could get the courage to leave


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Second poem in the three part! The last one will have you laughing or gasping and possibly evem crying.

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