A Thing Called Fantasy


There comes a day when you and I
Will travel together these lands
With faith while holding hands
From rustic ruins am Rhein
To Alpine-scapes on high.


If, by some happenstance
Here I should not return,
How heavy my heart will burn,
But foresake not, I forewarn,
Lest we risk our rightly chance . . .


To daydream and to beget
Tall tales of two together,
Played in nestled pleasure,
Replete with woolly wood
Of most Dionysian measure.


Truly, I await such a site
Despite a presence of harm,
But I'll give you all my charm
Under a sky of moonlit form
For guiding my star-struck sight.


With words "forever ours!"
Not one shall say otherwise,
Not a king nor men wise
Could lien love so high;
Not even Mercury on Mars.


Alas, I'll awake from this fantasy

Alone and saddened for I'll feel

That our amour was never real.

Merely made blind by boyish zeal,

Dantesque dreams, and flattery.

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Lotess Minor

Lotess Minor sat and wept
amongst the burning trees that kept
his leafy bits from touching Earth
and his winding roots from finding dirt.

Now upon the stones he's set
and fretting is as much he'd get
from all the noxious smoke and ash
expelled to air from cache stash.

Ruckus was the tune of morn'
and Lotess found his rudders torn
by mean old bugs and chiggers found
'low the grass and 'neath the ground.

His leafy mitts were pinhole chewed
as winds would whip the blaze renewed
and glowing fronds would sail on air
while Lotess couldn't move from there.

His thirst had waited none too long
and upon the touch of root to wrong
he settled in against his will
and panicked as he drank his fill.

Now the terms of need would take
as Lotess sat there trapped and drank.
The pillared heat was closing soon
while Lotess gorged from nigh to noon...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To be continued.

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The Fairy

She flutters, her wings brittle,
I cradle her gentle
I speak a name but not so loud
For her striking beauty does her sleep proud
Caution I take
As arms fold
This little fairy I hold
She understands not why
My glory is sought by
Looking at that which is wondrous
Or by the appropriate adjective, marvelous
My lips part, a tender smile
To her nature of size, seemed a mile
She shivered and I struggled
My care for a thing so tiny juggled
For I fought the contradiction
That my mind was given
Reality or fantasy, a bitter choice
A decision I couldn’t make with much poise
I leaned to kiss
And I found bliss
For her magical beauty
Entrapped in a spell held me
My world spun
And the spell won
For now I stand
In size with her, hand in hand
Oh how i wonder
If people envy
The way this was meant to be
She and I till love’s end
A spell I don’t intend to mend

-Akhil Warrior

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little play of rhyme and whimsical fantasy

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Given in solemn promise
An Oath to always Defend
Those things held most precious
God.. Country.. and friends

The creak of well oiled armor
the heft of a sword well worn
the gift of the ability to protect
the weight of duty borne

With a promise to walk with honor
a young knight rises to the task
given by traitorous advisors
to guard a lonesome pass

Sly, sneaky and underhanded
traitors plot a monarchs demise
soulless assassins cut through the night
brought short by stern unflinching eyes

He drew his sword and made ready
to withstand the charge of fate
knowing it would be the one against the many
knowing aid would come to late

Resolute against their wickedness
his stature seemed to grow
and as blades flashed all around him
he felt the world begin to slow

He stood firm and steady
as blades sought to pierce his back
and knew what must be accomplished
despite all that he might lack

And though assassins fell around him
their blades in turn drank deep
his destiny plain before him
to join them soon in sleep

He stands alone in silence now
honored to have done his best
a final thought passes through his mind
to give him eternal rest

A hero is not a man
invincible to all beneath the sun
a hero simply refuses to die
until the job is done

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Within His Wet Dreams...(Eroticism)


It is the look in his eyes that intrigues me
Followed by mental passion excitement
Overwhelms me with sensitivity
Electric stimulations hits me deep
Power surges move within me
Shocking me intensely
As you kiss my neck
Lick me down my back
Submitting to our tantric stimulation
Has my thighs aching
Craving your sweet kisses
Please go deeper
As you search my treasure map
Dig a little harder
Yeah thats it right there

As sweat drip down my thighs
I love the way you make me high
Take me on this orgasmic ride
Thank you for allowing me to relax
Within the presence of your sexual essence
As you touched me in places
No other man would dare to go
As oceans of orgasms breached the seams
Thank you for unleashing me

You will never understand how i have longed for this
Too many nights have passed alone in this abyss
To many morning awaking from these dreams horny
Wishing i could just call out to you
When the urges hit me
You know when the thought of you
Makes my thighs weak and my pussy leak
Yes at that very moment when it begins to throb
Deep down inside my thighs
Waiting for you to come nourish me

Unleash me
Untie me
Fuck it Sweetie
Allow me to breach the seams
Kiss my back
As you stroke me intensely
Hell bring out the freak in me
Allow me to be that slut
You be fucking in your wet dreams
Come on Sweetie
I anit no punk
Give it to me uncut and raw
I wanna feel you deep in my belly
Crawling up the spine of my back
Dusting off this pussy
As you licking the cob webs away
Peirce my soul Sweetie
Hold on tight
I promise i want fight

Will you let me kiss your neck
As i suck on your adams apple
Kissing my way down your chest
As i relax my head
As I kiss your belly button
As I kiss the small of your head
Licking down the veins
That drives you insane
Allow me to enjoy you
As you enjoy every kiss
Every lick takes you deeper
And deeper within
The circle of my cyclone

Let's ride the storm Sweetie
Until our bodies explode
Pull my hair Sweetie
Make me scream
As you make love to me
Turn me over
Spank dat ass
Bit my neck
As you grab my pussy
From the front
Allowing me to bust
From your deep thrust
As i am screaming out for more
You dont mind giving me
Just what i need
And i dont mind Wetting you up
Because it relaxes me
Damn I love your Wet dreams..

© 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

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An Excerpt - From a Short Story

“Now this, my lovely young lady, is but one of many examples of our shop’s flawless craftsmanship. Made with layered steel and coated with pure, gleaming silver; this candelabrum will not only allow you to bring light in to whatever sanctuary you choose; it will also make you the envy of all friends, neighbors and chapel-going patrons who may lay eyes upon your purchase!” With this last word, Nevony lifted his arm in a grand gesture to all of the closest passers-by in the marketplace, some of which glared at him warily.

Shel giggled with one hand held to her lips. She then placed one finger on her chin and showed the boy a playful, speculative tilt of the head.

“Ah, I see, I see! But how can I be sure that this candelabrum will stand the trials of the day-to-day? How can I even be sure it will survive the carry home!” She said, with a bright smile that displayed her perfect, white teeth.

Nevony shared in her smile and looked down at the candelabrum, which he continued to absentmindedly polish. He then held it high towards the sun, allowing it to dazzle the young priestess as it fully captured the shimmer of the morning, which was slowly creeping towards the afternoon as they spoke.

What’s a boy to do? He not only wanted to impress the beautiful young woman that had come admiring his wares; he also wanted to prove that he and his master crafted the finest metal in all the local posts. With a sudden realization, Nevony seized the candelabrum by the base and slammed it on to its side with a booming thud. Shel flinched at the sound and then watched, unsure of what to make of the boy’s sudden burst of enthusiasm. He reached beneath the center of the wooden counter top and, after a moment of blind searching, heaved a heavy metalsmith’s hammer by the hilt in his dirty, bared hand. Without word or remark, he unceremoniously raised the hammer as youthful slyness returned to his face. Understanding dawned abruptly on the poor girl, and she attempted to dissuade him in futility: Nevony’s hammer fell in an immediate blur, and her voice was drowned in the immense clatter of shattering silver plating and rigid, sculpted steel. Reacting quickly, the young priestess threw her face to the left as a wide cloud of glinting shards and dust engulfed her from the waist up.

The market was still. One could hear the faint howling of the light breeze, as all eyes turned to stare at the two in silence. Shel lowered her arms and looked at the young lad: his one hand still firmly grasping the hilt of the hammer, sunk as it was through the very surface of the counter below. Its head was buried several inches out of sight, surrounded by ruin. Nevony’s face was covered in a thick layer of sawdust dotted with shimmering silver flakes. The candelabrum lay strewn about the counter, the floor and even hung in the drapes in pieces of every conceivable size, with two major parts having been thrown on opposite sides of the workshop. The boy’s face was resolute, yet absolutely vacant. He stared, unblinking, at the crushed and broken space where the candelabrum had once laid on its perfectly-grafted side. Sweat began to gather on his brow, which quickly dripped down into the corners of his eyes. The sudden and salty burn shook him from his stupor, and he turned to face the rabble that had come to surround him.

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against the grain

Hyacinth garden

struggle through unwritten epochs
exceed beyond the bounds of any human endurance
no sensation might survive the agony of the asymmetrical
these musings, of ornamental fables,
bit by bit, swelled thick and prolific
I give to you my conquering
so I may unsheathe my sword
now reflect on My neglected texts
find salvation at the bottom of your fantasy
translate this deleted surface
and escape into blissful oblivion
devour those seven seeds
as concession is the ultimate goal
with unkind looks for the curious
detached relic, feel for essential callousness
sensation of being bitten intimately
it is that pleasure from your pain
that will leave you gasping for air
while writhing against the grain

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Wet Dreams....


I`m looking for that new shit
Yes that right shit
Got me going coo coo for cocoa puffs
You know dat brutha
Who don't mind putting it down
He`s not afraid to make me scream his name
Have me biting my lip
Screaming pull my hair
Telling him to
Slap my ass Daddy
Cause you taking me there

Do you know who he is
Yeah that one who don`t eat happy meals
He needs a Big Mac
Or should I say a Double Deluxe Quarter pounder
No fires with that please
He knows just what I need
He may not be 6`9
May not be built like Hericlues
But he aims to please me
In every way
Got me touching my toes
Doing hand stands and back bends
Damn that boy is great

He comes Super deluxe
Superbly delicious
In all the right places
Has me tongue lashing
And back scratching
A wild man
Straight out the mutha fucking jungle
Shit Tarzan anit got nothing on this brutha
I ask you once again
Do you know him
Because It`s a five alarm fire
Every damn time he shows up

You must have misunderstood me
Did I say his name was Tyrik
Damn I'm so messed up
The bruthas got me feening for more
Just one more round
Damn I love it when he goes downtown
Hitting those deep curves
Like a surfer
Hitting those high waves
As he got me screaming his name
Pat me down daddy
Fill me up
Until my joy cup
Runs over
As my sheets bare the essences of your presence
This is one dream I will keep on repeat

(C) 2012 Cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry Covington

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The Serpentine Curse

The Serpentine Curse

In the serpentine spiral of the pit of the empty jade waters
The spirit is dredged below in his grasp
One word from the eternal obsidian bird
One touch to the depths of being

A curse of love, so deep but yet only the pain
can set free from this curse
To despise what is loved beyond words

Living within the crystal cold shell of humanity the
extension of, no where in reality
A fantasy perhaps, the voice screaming stay strong
don't falter, control the rains and winds

Your imagined from my own dream, and a dream you
will remain forever more
Reaching to the guiding spirits to unblock the portal
to my destiny
In a wolf's chant,I will follow the pathway to all that is sacred, and
all that will free me from the empty jade waters.

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