By Diego Rodríguez and Sofía Mora

Three thousand years ago, the last human-built bomb was dropped. Mother Nature finally laughed as ruins of cities remained silent and were covered by jungles. Animals were the only ones left. Unusual chemical exposure induced them to accelerated evolution. They started reasoning and coexisting just like a civilization. Things became stable again. Animals spent their days coexisting with each other and making the Earth’s nature rise at it never did before. Life in the animal civilization was calm and peace, until one day, Crocodile saw a biped hairless monkey running in the north limits of the forest.

Crocodile ran as fast as he could to the heart of the forest, looking for Owl, the wisest animal among them all and a very loud voice in the world of the forest. Crocodile told the old Owl what he saw. Owl listened carefully, as he always did. But Owl was not the only one listening carefully. Fox was around, hiding in a dark corner. Fox heard carefully what Crocodile told Owl. A big, pale, hairless monkey, walking on its two legs.

Fox had heard about this before. He had heard tales about ancient monsters who almost destroyed Mother Earth, until fortunately they destroyed themselves first. Fox heard as Owl told Crocodile he should not tell anybody what he saw until Owl could go and take a look. Fox didn’t like secrets, not when he was not a part of them, not when Monkey was not part of them.

Monkey was the smartest animal in the forest. The smartest, not the wisest. He used his clever words and ideas to manipulate some of the animals in the forest. Fox was a perfect example of one of those animals. Fox went to the dark side of the forest and told Monkey about the secret. Monkey didn’t like this, he didn’t like the hairless monkeys, and he didn’t like Owl.

 Monkey called Hyena and Anaconda, and together with Fox went to the limits of the forest, where Owl was already looking for the hairless monkeys with Crocodile, Dog, and Condor. Monkey stopped Owl and his friends, arguing about the kept secret. Owl said it was none of Monkey’s business and told him to leave. But Monkey was staying, he and his friends wanted to find the hairless monkeys and kill them, because they had damaged Mother Earth in the past, and he wouldn’t let them do it again. Owl knew about the ancient monsters, but he believed that these were different monsters, that maybe they were not monsters anymore.

They began to fight. Monkey broke Owl’s peak, as he took Monkey’s left eye out. Condor fell against Anaconda. Dog killed Fox biting his jugular, but then died too because he bled out since he was left with no skin on his face. Crocodile ate Hyena. Anaconda strangled Crocodile and then choked when she tried to swallow the entire corpse. Finally Monkey slammed Owl’s skull to a rock. Monkey was the last animal alive. He was weak and hurt, missing one ear and one eye. He knew he was going to die. He laid on the floor and fainted.


He woke up in a dark cave, with his wounds healed and surrounded by pale hairless monkeys.

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Untitled. . .

Jake: Hey, where r u?
Olivea: In my mind, thinking about you. I miss you.
Jake: I miss u 2. But its only ben 3 hrs.
Olivea: I must admit, my feelings for you have bloomed like flowers.
Jake: Wat r u sayin?
Olivea: Nevermind. This obviously is not the time.
Jake: Oh. R ur rents home?
Olivea: Im afraid Im here alone.
Jake: Gr8 so i cn cum ovr?
Olivea: You havent been over since October!
Jake: Yea i need u 2 hlp me with sumthin.
Olivea: What do you need? What time are you coming.
Jake: 1st i need a yes.
Olivea: Okay, what is it? I'll try my best!
Jake: I rlly need 2 hav sex.
Olivea: But we're not together yet.
Jake: but i luv u
Olivea: As much as I wish that were true, I must admit a crime is due.
Jake: im not lieing i <3 u.
Olivea: My <3 once was for you, but now I see this day I rue.
Jake: ur acting rlly lame
Olivea: Ill give you my heart so you can feel its pain!
Jake:Lol i dnt want it. keep it.
Olivea: So much for love, it must be funny.
Jake: lol shut up. i didnt luv u. oviously.

Sharmaine Marie
NOV 7 2012 9:16 PM

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I cant remember where I got the idea from, but I remember just sitting there and jumping into writing it. The names mean something, which will be explained in part 2. The way the writing is means something also. It isnt as deep as it could be, but i got the general message. I try to make these a little interactive, so what do you think the names mean? What do you think the text and grammar mean? Or any other thoughts. Please comment!!!!!

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