Haqueian Verse


Flies on and on,

Fixing its eyes,




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An Eagle

I see an eagle through the window there,

That tastes freedom by tearing the current of air,

It is not looking at the sky for sure,

Since there is hardly anything for it to fly for.



It is the earth alone,

That for food it concentrates on,

Like an expert detective,

It is ever vigilant and active.


At times it places itself on the friendly branches,

Yet it does continue its searches,

For the unfortunate,

Tiny victims and does not have to wait.


With its nails so sharp and good,

It grabs the food,

And flies as far as it can go,

Without letting anyone know.


The foodstuff is perhaps for its own wellbeing after all,

Maybe for the children so that they do not fall,

A victim to death,


Endeavouring to save them with each breath.

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Through The Eyes of The Eagle

Up in the gold morning sky flew through the snowy mountains a big and naïve eagle. Flying across huge valleys, over deep blue oceans and other amazing places, the eagle seemed grateful with Earth. So much beauty all around made the eagle eager to get closer to Earth’s heart. As it descended everything that seemed so beautiful started to change. The scenario became more violent, lions killing innocent animals, sharks eating fish, polar bears struggling to find a home and entire forests tolled and dried up. There was so much evil and devastation on its way down. Tired and confused, the eagle decided to take a break and land on a tree. How something that seemed so beautiful could be such a mess? All of a sudden a little, creepy, black crow decided to land just beside him on the tree. The eagle was tangled up in his own thoughts of what he just had saw and the crow realized it. ‘‘You’re not around here, aren’t you?’’ said the crow. ‘‘Not really, I come from a very faraway place where everything seems beautiful and peaceful, not like this place,’’ said the eagle disappointed. The crow just stared at him full of curiosity, ‘‘well I would love to get to know that place. Last time I checked, all of Earth is full of violence and evil.’’ The eagle just looked back at the crow, ‘‘what do you mean that all of Earth is this way?’’. The crow just sighed ‘‘well it has been a while since Earth has become this big place full of hatred, jealousy, violence, etc., but it wasn’t this way before. A lot of years ago, everyone seemed happy to live here, people and animals. They were glad when someone succeeded and if someone was actually happy. Now, everything has changed, the world has been manipulated for the good of every single person or animal, they don’t mind if that implies hurting other creatures. It is based on looks, if you don’t meet with their expectations; you are not welcomed in society. I don’t know where everything turned this way. I believe that the end of the world is closer than we think. Maybe it’s already here and we have to face these consequences even if we don’t like it. Look at what this place has become, it is quite a shame. ‘’ The eagle was more disappointed than ever ‘‘I live up in the skies and let me tell you that this planet from up there seems beautiful and peaceful, it’s a shame that this place turned out this way because of selfishness and avarice. I was in love with Earth, but I don’t know if I feel that way anymore.’’ The crow looked up the sky and said, ‘’well my friend, then you see how everything is not what it seems. You have to really get to know something from all of its perspectives before having an opinion about it.’’

Isidro Sada Salum
Nicole Vielledent 

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I'm like an eagle in the sky
So free to breathe and very wild
With my strong wings I'm free to fly
I live without the fear to die

I will fly low when I am tired
But I will never touch the ground
My heart is burning like a fire
I'm wide awake when all are sound

I only prey on rogue monkeys
To make them pay for their mischiefs
Snatch them right from their trees
Scratch their throat and their cheeks

I am an eagle in the sky
No one commands me but I
Threaten me and I will fight
Grasp the message that I imply

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"EAGLE" is all about living free --without chains and boundaries.

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Free as the wind (Ode to the native American Indian).

Oh how I wish
I could have set
the native American Indians free
with pride and dignity.

Taking them back across
the great open plains
to their sacred home
in lush green vallie's
where buffalo are plentiful
and roam.
To live in peace
at one with nature.
once more.

Setting their spirits
as free as the wind
wild untameable
like a magnificent
stallion on it's journey

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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