fallen angels

Angels Keep Falling On My Head

The wind blew furiously that night

As though it knew what was coming

As though it were trying to escape.

They were all casted out

From their heavenly home

The angels began to descend

Flying down simultaneously

And their enormous feathery wings

Embodied in merciless flames

Burned off of them.

All over the world

Every single one of them collapsed

Now defeated and torn

They have taken over the planet


They've become powerless humans

And they must learn to survive

Amongst everyone else

With the diseases, pain

And disaster

Until the day they fix it all

Or die trying

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Dark Angels Dark Light

I am the last of my kind, the last wizard on earth, the last of the guardians of the old world who were sent protect God's newest creation from the fallen angels in the days after the war. Having powers over the very elements of earth and of life itself, my people waged war for thousands of years against the fallen children of heaven, and against Lucifer himself; fighting back the evil until the day of the dark angel's demise. Now I stand alone against the forces of chaos, as I pray for the return of my brother who will stand by side in the second war that has awakened the dragon. I await the day of his return.