Self Expression



You, me, people,


I could be mistaken,


Because I have been,






I do think,


That people have a right,


To inflect a smidgen,


Or a bit,


Or a touch,


Of their personality,


Into all they do,


And too,


They have, at the same time,


A responsibility to,


When in conversation with others,


For reason of accomplishing a task,


Or even just enjoyment,


Or making small talk,


To acknowledge to some degree,


The other person's personality,


And assess to it, a like or dislike,


And either chuck it, 


And focus on the subject matter 


Of the conversation,


Or enjoy it as they choose,


But certainly not allow 


For your like,


Or dislike,


To control or influence them,


In their evaluation process


On a given topic, and then 


Take out aggression 


On an individual


For their inability to


Place their feelings


About one's personality aside.





But alas! There IS a viable solution


For such individuals, which would be,


To purchase one dozen eggs,


Because if someone's personality


Bothers you, you can then 


Remove one from the carton,


And suck on it, 


And if it breaks,


You still have 11 more,


Just be careful of the shell.






9:32 PM 6/20/2013



drink wash repeat

1 year gone and getting older
my view of the world only grows colder
tortured by horrors on the news
to escape i drown in booze
what am i fighting for
i dont make shit im dirt poor
the worlds enough to drive you insane
so i drink away the pain

drink away the pain
life passes you by leaving nothing to gain
drink away the pain
no sunshine here only clouds and rain

bills pile up going broke again
no where to turn but to a friend
problems and bottle in hand
torturing your body waiting for the end
my liver is going economy failing
in so much pain my mind is derailing
delerium tremens setting in
waiting for the depression to begin


waiting for nothing to worry about
but when in fact will that come about
drowned out the pain 

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Know what? People Suck

Notes on Life

Know what?

People suck


If you're a boy

Stay away from girls

The manipulative two-faced freaks

Will only take your heart

and Smile

And tell you they love you

Then they wink

And whisper "Oops..."

You can only watch

As they rip your heart in two


If you're a girl

Since this poem has to remain unbiased

Stay away from boys

For they think with their dick

and not with their head

One minute he'll grin

and whisper something cheesy in your ear

The next he'll mount you against a wall

as you cry out for him to stop

But he won't listen

Dicks don't have ears


Know what?

People suck

And if I were you I'd stay away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to every two-faced liar I know

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