I Dream By Day

I dream by day,
When thoughts provoke
And wonders awoke.
I dream by morning and noon,
When the sky is so blue,
The sun glistens high,
When you can wonder why.

I dream of wonder,
Or galore and splendor,
Of fear and strife,
Of equality and rights.

I dream utopia,
The incredible impossibility,
A topic so often raised,
My vision different from all,
My view only my own,
Can't see other's thoughts.
They can't see mine.

I dream of freedom,
Of wings that fly
And legs that run and run,
I dream of blissful skies
And the depth below.

I dream of dreams,
Of wishes and hopes,
Of the great human flaw
To hope the impossible,
To wish the unthinkable.

I dream by day,
Thinking about the night,
Wondering what the birds are doing,
Wishing I could take flight,
Leave it all,
Condemn this blight.

I dream,
I dream of wonder,
Of horror,
Of splendor
And dreary dismal.
Nothing is ever perfect.
Not even dreams.

I am a dreamer,
Don't worry about calculations,
Those numbers always floating,
I dream of paint and letters,
Of art and writing,
Music and acting,
I dream of the sky,
Stop to think,
Wonder why.

I dream by day,
Nothing's always okay,
I know,
That's why I dream,
For the world to be well
But without the boredom.

I dream because you'd be surprised
How often
A single dream
Can change the world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only by night." -Edgar Allen Poe


The quote I live by. I dream by day.

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OmgKrisOh's picture

I really like it :)

I really like it :)

Kris Oh

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Wow - superb

Wow - superb

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I Dream By Day

I love your dreams...some of these are the same as mine...
I dream love is a many splendor thing.....I dream....heather

Go-a-Green-a's picture

Thank you very much. A

Thank you very much.

A toast to dreams!